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   Power Steering Rack
Power Steering Rack

Ever wondered what keeps you in control of your vehicle when driving? Sure, there are the wheels, the brakes, various other components, but the actual control over the vehicle is enabled through the steering wheel. And what connects the wheel to the wheels is a rack and pinion type of steering. The entire ability to control a moving vehicle is boiled down to these two components, so making sure they work as they should and are replaced and looked after regularly is key.

Our Audi Steering Rack for your vehicle is a great high quality piece for your car, no matter if it is a compact A3, an A4, a limo A6 or even a Q7 SUV. The Audi Steering Racks we sell are built to the highest specification and only to the best quality, and are guaranteed to be an exact fit for your particular model. As well as Audi steering components, we offer an extremely wide array of products for nearly every platform, that is to say we offer nearly every part for every brand and model. Our Buyer's Guides can help you choose the part you need.

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Power Steering Rack
Audi 4000 Power Steering Rack
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Fits:Models with Power Steering
Part Number: 80-00503 AN

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A rack and pinion type of steering is one of the most commonly used types of steering with cars and SUVs. Its concept and mechanism is pretty simple. A pinion attached to the steering shaft rotate on a rack, moving along it and turning it left or right, which then means that the rack's movement force the tie rods at the end to turn the wheels subsequently. This mechanism converts that motion of the steering wheel into an actual linear force needed to turn the wheels, and because of its gear reduction the wheels are easier to turn. For information on how it works, view the How-to section.

Audi is a German automobile manufacturer based in Ingolstadt. It mostly sells premium luxury limos and SUVs, but has a few compact and city cars. It is mostly owned by the VW holding group, and shares parts with sister companies VW, Skoda, Bentley and so on. Some of their parts are interchangeable. The name of the company is based on a Latin translation of its founder, August Horch. "Horch", which means listen in German, is Audi when translated to Latin. The company also has a subsidiary called quattro GmbH, and produces the S and RS models which are then sold under the Audi brand.

The company is known for its racing heritage. It has a rich history in racing automobiles. The most famous racing car of all time maybe, is their Audi Quattro, the name which their subsidiary has taken. The Quattro went on to win numerous rallies and races, and is considered to be one of the most recognizable and successful rally, and indeed race car, ever. Most of their racing knowledge and expertise has found its way into their road cars and technology, and is being implemented into their street cars.

Whether you need an Audi Manual Steering Rack or an Audi Replacement Steering Rack, we hope this information proved valuable in helping you choose the correct part you need. If you need any other sort of information about the parts or your car, you can view or blog or Contact Us.