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 BMW  Shock Absorber
BMW Shock Absorber

There are really a few key components of a car's suspension. Yes, there are struts and control arms and lots and lots of various other components, but what pops up in everyone's mind when the word suspension is mentioned are shock absorbers. They are the backbone of the whole car, maintaining the car's high speed stability and cornering rigidity, with the subtleness and comfort needed to not get thrown around in the car as a driver or a passenger. They can sometime break or fail, and this is where we come in.

Your BMW Shock Absorber is designed to keep you in control of the vehicle at all times, while still retaining ride quality. As it is a wear and tear part as anything else, it will need replacing when it breaks and starts leaking, or simply gets old and can't function the way it's supposed to. This is where our BMW Replacement Shocks come in. They have been designed to fit exactly like the OEMs do, without any problems whatsoever. Only the best materials have been used when designing and building them. For help on choosing the right ones, view the Buyer's Guide.

Shock absorbers, whether they be mechanical or hydraulically, give the car support and rigidity. Their job is to absorb the bumps and dampen any road imperfection or potholes. It usually does this by converting the up and down kinetic energy into a different form of energy, usually heat, which is then dissipated. Shock absorbers are usually used together with cushions and springs. The most important thing when designing a shock, is predicting how much energy it's going to have to withstand, and where all that energy will be dissipated. Our blog has more information about shocks.

BMWs are regarded as one of, if not the best, handling vehicles on the road. Their motto "The Ultimate Driving Machine" actually holds ground when it comes to this manufacturer. What makes a BMW the best machine on the road is the handling mixed in with savage power. The biggest factor is their suspension. BMW Shock Absorber are reliable even when pushed to the absolute limit, making cornering in a BMW a task as easy as anything. It's more than that however. It's the feeling that the cars from this German manufacturer give you, which can only be felt when driven.

For more information, Contact Us without hesitation. We sincerely hope you learned something from the information presented here, whether it be about your car or shock absorbers in general. Choosing the right shocks, or even a BMW Shock and Strut should be no problem for you, now that you are familiar with what each individual part does and how it affects the car's handling. With all this in mind, we hope we have made shopping a simple and easy process for you.