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Your 2004 Chevy Aveo’s air conditioning is starting to blow out less cold air. You live in sunny San Diego where it is pretty much hot all year so you rely on your Chevy air conditioning quite a bit. But you have heard many things about getting your Chevy AC system replaced like how costly it can be. While it can be a bit costly to replace and will need to be taken to the mechanic to install, let’s find out what the main component of your Aveo, the Chevrolet A/C compressor, does and why it is important to get a Chevy replacement AC compressor when it comes time to it.

The Chevrolet A/C compressor is the main part of your Chevy air conditioning system. If this part breaks down then your Chevy air conditioning system will not work. Now AC compressors tend to be very reliable parts but as a vehicle gets older and racks up more mileage the AC compressor can start to also suffer wear and tear, which can cause it to break. Make sure that you run your Chevrolet A/C compressor during the winter months when not using it for at least 10 minutes to keep it functioning. Sometimes your Chevy AC compressor will also be helping your heating and defrosting systems so if it breaks you may be without cooling and heating. Let’s take a look at the function of the Chevrolet A/C compressor.

The Chevy AC system is made up of six Chevy AC components; they are the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the receiver drier, the expansion valve and the refrigerant. The function of the Chevy AC compressor is to run the Chevy AC system through a belt which is attached to the engine. The Chevy AC compressor works by inserting cold vapor from the refrigerant all the way into the condenser; this vapor is then converted into a liquid and sent to the drier. The receiver drier will act as a holding cell for the liquid refrigerant and remove any excess moisture from the refrigerant.

After this process the refrigerant (which is in liquid form at this point) is pumped through the expansion valve where all of the pressure is removed. This turns the refrigerant back into vapor before it gets sent to the evaporator. The evaporator will vaporize the refrigerant and absorb all the heat from the passenger cabin. Once all that heat is removed, cold air will be blown through to the cabin of the vehicle using a fan. All of these Chevy AC components must work together to run your Chevy AC system.

As you can see from all the components, the Chevy air conditioning system is very complex and requires a lot of parts to keep it running and functioning. Due to the complexity of the Chevy air conditioning it can be costly to get it repaired if you wait too long to repair it. At the first sign of any Chevy AC compressor trouble make sure it gets repaired. The longer you wait the more Chevy AC components you’ll have to replace. We offer Chevy replacement AC compressor’s that will fit all your needs. We have both new and remanufactured. So contact us today to find out our best deals!