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 Chevrolet  Air Spring
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It has been a long day at work for you and the only thing you want to do is go home, eat some dinner and watch your favorite show on Netflix. Your commute is normal and you are actually moving along faster than usual. You get off on your exit excited to almost be home when all of sudden you hear a loud thump from the bottom of your car. You realize you just went over a huge pothole and feel like it might have done some damage. Right away your suspension doesn’t feel as smooth as it usually is and you know you may have a problem. You had upgraded your vehicle to have the Chevrolet air spring suspension for extra smoothness and now feel it’s gone.

Your Chevrolet air spring also known as air suspension is a type of suspension that is powered by an electric or engine-driven air pump or compressor. The compressor pumps the air into flexible bellows made from reinforced rubber. The air pressure inflates the bellows and raises the chassis from the axle. This gives the car a sort of gliding feeling when going over roads. The Chevy air spring is placed in place of conventional springs. While it can give you a smoother ride and better quality feel of your Chevy it can be an expensive extra option because it is usually not standard.

Let’s take a look at some common problems of having Chevy air springs. The air bag or air strut may fail due to wet rust over time or moisture that got into the system. The Chevy air springs may fail because the rubber dries out and can’t inflate itself. There may also be punctures to the rubber. Air line failure can also occur where the tubing fails to connect the air bags or struts to the rest of the air system. This can occur from a hole forming in the air lines when they rub against a sharp edge of a chassis member.

Other forms of damage can occur from air fitting failure when they are first fitted or very rarely used. Low quality components can be unreliable and not connect correctly with the rest of the components. Compressor failure can be caused from leaking air springs or air struts causing the compressor to burn out trying to keep the correct amount of air pressure into a system that is leaking. The compressor can also burn out due to excess moisture within the air system. Lastly, you can have dryer failure that can become saturated and unable to perform its function. This will cause a moisture build up leading to a damaged Chevy air spring or a burned out compressor.

So make sure to contact us for more information on the right Chevy air springs. We also offer a wide variety of the Chevy replacement air spring that you need to get your smooth ride back.