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If the AC in your Dodge is blowing warm air or if you've heard a grinding noise coming from the front of your car you may need a new AC Compressor. Select your model below to browse all the Dodge AC replacement parts that fit your vehicle avaiable from

Your Dodge ram 1500 does all your heavy lifting and transporting. You work hard and you need a truck that does the same and that is why you choose the Dodge Ram 1500. It offered all you needed for the value you could afford. One of the best features of your Dodge Ram is the Dodge air conditioning. Working out in the dessert hauling in loads of sand, you look forward to getting into your Dodge cabin to cool you down on your ride back. Without it the day just wouldn’t be the same. Since the air conditioning system is so important to you, you make sure it’s well maintained because you look forward to that cool air at the end of a long days work. An important part of your air conditioning system is going to be the Dodge AC compressor. Let’s find out why it is so important.

Before we find out what the Dodge AC compressor does let’s go ahead and review all of the air conditioning systems AC components. There are six major AC components that are vital to the function of your Dodge AC system. Knowing how they function will help you better diagnose any problems that are occurring with your Dodge AC system. The Dodge AC components are the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the receiver drier, the expansion valve and the refrigerant.

The Dodge AC compressor is the central part of your Dodge air conditioning system. It is sort of like the heart of your Dodge AC system and without it the rest of your Dodge AC components would not work. The Dodge AC compressor runs the entire Dodge AC system and is driven by a belt that is attached to the engine. As it runs the Dodge AC compressor injects cold vapors from the refrigerant into the condenser. That vapor is then converted into a liquid and then sent to the receiver drier.

The receiver drier will then act as a holding tank for the liquid refrigerant and will remove any excess moisture from the refrigerant. The liquid refrigerant then gets pumped through the expansion valve where all of the pressure is removed. What this does is allow the refrigerant to turn back into vapor before it needs to go back to the evaporator. The evaporator will then vaporize the refrigerant and absorb all the heat from your Dodge’s passenger cabin. Removing that heat then allows cold air to blow through the passenger compartment using a fan.

As you can see, your Dodge AC compressor is very important for that cold air you desire. The Dodge air conditioning system is a complex system that requires all components to work. The cost of your Dodge AC compressor will be the most highly priced out of any of the other components because it is the main part of the system. So if you notice any sign of failure within your Dodge AC system it is best to get a Dodge replacement AC compressor as soon as possible. Getting this Dodge replacement AC compressor at the first sign of it going bad will save you money because you will not jeopardize your entire AC system if you take care of the problem early on. Contact us today so we can match you with your choice of Dodge AC compressors for your Ram 1500.