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Hyundai is a Korean automobile maker and the fourth largest auto maker in the world. One of its manufacturing plants is the largest worldwide. The Ulsan plant has the potential to manufacture 1.6 million cars every year! That is a lot of Hyundai’s. You already know that Hyundai’s are reliable vehicles and that is why you purchased one. One of the things you like most about your Hyundai is the air conditioner. Other vehicles you have owned have not cooled as well and fast as your Hyundai. Let’s take a look at the Hyundai AC system so you can know how it is you get such cold air into your passenger cabin.

First off, we have to know the basic components of your Hyundai AC system. These are going to be the compressor, condenser, evaporator, thermal expansion valve, and the drier or accumulator. Apart from those components you will also have your refrigerant. All of these components have different functions that work in sync to make sure your whole Hyundai AC system is working properly. We are going to focus today on the Hyundai A/C compressor because it is the most important part of your Hyundai air conditioning.

The Hyundai A/C compressor will be running the whole AC system. So if this part breaks you need to make sure to get it replaced before it causes further damage to the rest of the components in your Hyundai AC system and ends up costing you more money in repairs. The Hyundai AC compressor is driven by a belt that is attached to the engine and is operated by a clutch. The job of the Hyundai A/C compressor is to take refrigerant gas at low pressure from the evaporator and pressurize it at a high temperature to send to the condenser in order to cool the air.

This hot compressed air passes through the condenser and cools down. As it cools down it becomes a liquid. The condenser is like a smaller radiator and is usually mounted next to your big radiator in the front of the car. The evaporator works on the low-pressure side of your Hyundai air conditioning and as super cool liquid is passed through its tubes allowing air to get forced through and sent out to you. Once this liquid is warmed up it is turned back into a gas. The thermal expansion valve is a valve that controls the flow of the cool refrigerant and regulates how cold the air gets. The drier (also known as receiver-drier) or accumulator is in the AC system to catch any liquid that makes it far back into the compressor. Since the Hyundai A/C compressor can only compress gas the job of the drier is to keep the AC compressor safe from any liquid.

Now you have learned how your Hyundai AC system works. Air conditioners are designed to last long but they are still subject to wear or tear or can one day malfunction if one of the components breaks down. So make sure that when that happens you get it fixed. If you ever need Hyundai A/C compressors we are here to help you with all your needs. So contact us when the time comes!