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 Jaguar  Brake Disc Rotor Set
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Jaguar is a brand of Jaguar Land, a British car manufacturer who is owned by Indian company, Tata. Jaguar was founded in 1922 originally making motorcycle sidecars before developing bodies for passenger cars in the 1930’s. Your Jaguar shines in the streets with its sleek luxury look and superb driving performance. Your Jaguar’s performance will depend on how well you maintain it. There are very important safety feature in your Jaguar that should always be checked and regularly maintained. One of those is going to be your Jaguar brake rotor set.

Jaguar rotors are part of your braking system. The rotors work along with Jaguar brakes and calipers. When the brake is applied the calipers and pads press against the sides of the rotors causing friction in order to stop the vehicle. Your rotor can go bad through everyday wear and tear. Since friction is being applied constantly on your brake pads and rotors the brake pads begin to wear down which then can scratch the Jaguar rotors. Make sure to replace your Jaguar rotors when you start to hear a high-pitched sound when you brake. But what Jaguar brake rotor set is best for you? Let’s find out your options.

The first type we will look at is a slotted Jaguar rotor set. Slotted Jaguar rotors have machined grooves that draw cool air into the space between the pad and rotor for additional heat dispersal and cooler brake operation. Slotted rotors are curved, not straight, and designed to channel the most air possible to the braking surface while rotating. So it is essential that the slotted Jaguar rotor be used on the proper side or it will defeat the purpose of the slots.

The second type of Jaguar rotors to consider is a smooth brake rotor, which provide more than enough stopping power under normal driving conditions. These rotors provide the most surface area vs. drilled or slotted rotors and are very effective at acting as a heat sink, which is exactly what brake rotors are designed to do. Since they are smooth they are not prone to cracking under extreme use like drilled rotors. The absence of slots or drill holes allows smooth rotors to maintain maximum structural integrity making them suitable for moderate track use.

Let’s talk about the last two types of rotors. The first is a cross-drilled brake rotor, which aids in dispersal of heat throughout the braking surface. The holes in the cross-drilled brakes also are chamfered on the ends to reduce the chances of brake pads cracking when sliding across the drilled openings. Drilled and slotted Jaguar brake rotors are the last type we are going to discuss. These provide the looks and functionality of both cross drilled rotors and slotted rotors combined. While they are not idea for the abuse they would suffer on a racetrack one of the places they function well on would be a heavy vehicle towing heavy loads. The heavier the vehicle, the more energy that is needed to slow it to a safe stop.

You have many options to choose from when it comes to your Jaguar brake rotors set. So call us so we can help you with all your Jaguar brake rotor needs.