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It's simple to find a replacement Jeep AC Compressor with Shop with confidence when you select your model below to see guaranteed exact fit replacements for your vehicle.

Most of us can live without a lot of features in a car, such as electric mirrors, windows, or even a radio. They are not something deemed necessary and are most often seen as a luxury, which is the reason basic models don't even have them. One option, however, is being implemented into most cars as a standard feature. Air conditioning on a hot summers day is something that is basically a necessity. Not just as a comfort feature, but as heat stroke prevention. Often, the inside of a car can be even hotter than the air outside.

To say a broken or failing Jeep AC System in your car is an inconvenience is putting it lightly. Driving the car becomes unbearable during the hot part of the day, and even through it, it doesn't get a whole lot better. That's why getting it in a working condition as soon as possible should be a priority. For that reason, we offer high quality products made to fit your exact vehicle, at an incredible price. With our Jeep A/C Compressor, you can get your car's AC blowing cold air in no time.

We also carry AC condensers and AC driers, as well as parts for every part of the car and for a broad variety of brands and models. Finding the correct part with us is as easy as it gets. If you're still unsure on what part you need to buy for your specific model, or want to know if the one you're looking at is right for your particular vehicle, please look at our Buyer's Section. It offers the comfort of buying car parts without having to be a mechanic.

The AC unit is made up of a couple of parts, one of them being the compressor. It is one of the most important components, as it is essentially the pump for the system. It pumps air into the cabin. Without it, you could be sitting in there all day, with no cold air is coming from those vents. A common reason for it failing is a lack of lubrication or a leaky seal. A change in the amount of air, or a difference in the temperature in the air coming from the vents can imply that there is a problem with the unit.

An obvious key symptom that will help you recognize that your Jeep A/C Compressor is on its way out is no cold or hot air coming through the vent. If your car is newer and is made in recent years, a computer may be able to tell and warn you that the AC is broken or is about to go. One symptom which is most often mistaken for something else is the clicking noise that the AC can make. This clicking noise coming from under the bonnet can sometimes be mistaken for wheel rubbing or something similar, however, a clear click-click sound that can be heard indicates that it is the compressor.

Parking in the shade whenever possible means the AC unit won't have to work as hard to achieve the desired temperature, reducing the stress on your Jeep Air Conditioning. Simply venting the cabin when you just get in the car also means that the built up hot air will escape, reducing the cabin temperature and outside air difference. For various other tips, you can read through our blog.

Now you should be able to know if your Jeep AC Compressor needs replacing, and how to replace it. For help with installing and fixing the Compressor, take a look at our How-to section.