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Lexus GS300 Steering Pump Parts

 Lexus GS300 Steering Pump

Lexus GS300 Steering Pump

The Lexus GS300 Steering Pump is one of the key components of your vehicle's power steering system. It is a hydraulic pump that is driven by the engine through a belt and pulley mechanism and provides the necessary assist to the steering rack. The power steering pump is a rotary pump that has a series of retractable vanes that spin within an oval chamber. As the vanes spin, the pump draws the hydraulic fluid from the low-pressure return lines and pushes the fluid towards the outlet at a high pressure. The amount of flow generated in the fluid depends on the speed of the engine. As such, the pump should be able to generate a sufficient flow when the engine is idling. At high speeds, a pressure relief valve restricts the flow of the hydraulic fluid in the system by diverting the excess fluid back to the inlet of the pump.

A faulty steering pump could put a crimp in your driving experience. You will find that steering your vehicle takes a little more effort than it used to. What's more, your vehicle decides to become extra noisy, telling you quite audibly that something isn't right. For instance, every time you round a turn, a loud squealing noise emanates from the steering system. Steering fluid leaking from your pump can make the situation even more bothersome, especially when your steering exhibits an erratic response: alternating between working well and poorly responding to your handling. You can replace the problematic Lexus GS300 steering pump with one of Buy Auto Parts' replacement steering pumps.

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Lexus GS300 Steering Pump
Brand New
Lexus GS300                          Steering PumpSteering Pump
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Fits:All Models
Part Number: 86-00470 AN

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