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Lexus LX450 Steering Pump Parts

 Lexus LX450 Steering Pump

Lexus LX450 Steering Pump

The Lexus LX450 Steering Pump, a hydraulic rotary vane pump, is a part of your power steering system. Its function is to provide the necessary hydraulic pressure needed to provide the required assist to the steering action of the rack or gearbox. A series of retractable vanes spin inside an oval chamber to draw the steering fluid inside the pump before forcing it towards the pump outlet at a higher pressure. This pressure depends on the speed of the engine: the higher the speed, the higher the pressure. At higher speeds, the pump pushes out more hydraulic fluid than is necessary. The excess fluid is redirected to the reservoir through the pressure relief valve.

There is nothing more disruptive to a pleasant drive than a power steering that feels stiff and unresponsive. Additionally, you find that your car has added a new set of squeals and groans to its repertoire of sounds, especially when you turn or slow down. As with most parts in your car, the power steering pump is just as susceptible to wear and tear over time. But how do you know that it's your pump that's acting up? Start with your steering fluid level. Is it low? Then, it's likely that your pump has a leak. The steering fluid itself can be an indicator of issues in your pump. Bubbles or foam in your fluid indicate the presence of extraneous air or water in your steering lines. If your vehicle displays any of the above symptoms, it's time to replace your steering pump.

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Lexus LX450 Steering Pump
Lexus LX450                          Steering Pump
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Fits:All Models
Part Number: 86-00107 R

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