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Your Mazda’s AC system is beginning to malfunction. Sometimes it turns on and works perfectly but most of the time you have to try a lot of gimmicks to get it working, such as rolling down the windows and blasting it at maximum coldness until it cools down. Now you know you cannot last with your AC like this much longer. You have heard that replacing components in your Mazda AC system can be costly so you take it to your mechanic to gauge how much it is going to be and what components is the culprit of this malfunction. Your mechanic tells you that the broken part is your Mazda A/C compressor. Your mechanic informs you that this part is basically the heart of your Mazda AC system so replacing it is going to be expensive because without the Mazda AC compressor your whole AC system does not work. Let us find out how the Mazda AC system works, the function of Mazda A/C compressors and what type of costs you will be looking at.

Your Mazda air conditioning is a complex system because all of the components need to work together to make sure you get that cold air into your passenger cabin. The Mazda AC system consists of five major components plus the refrigerant. The main components are the Mazda A/C compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the thermal expansion valve and the drier or accumulator. The Mazda AC system may also contain sensors that gauge pressure and temperature but that will be specific to the model of your Mazda. So always make sure to check your Mazda’s manual to make sure your replacement Mazda AC compressor is the correct one.

Like we mentioned previously, the Mazda A/C compressor is the main component of your Mazda AC system. The function of the AC compressor is to take the refrigerant, in gas form, and pressurize it so that it cools the air. An engine belt that the compressor is attached to performs this process. It is controlled by an electronic clutch that turns the compressor on and off and also controls how much cold air you want. After the refrigerant goes through the compressor it is sent to the condenser where hot, compressed air will get cooled down and the gas will turn into a liquid.

This super cold liquid is then passed through to the tubes of the evaporator where air gets forced through and gets cold as it pushed out in the cabin. As the air is warmed up again it turns back into a gas. The job of the thermal expansion valve is to control the flow of the cold refrigerant to the evaporator. Lastly, the drier or accumulator is pretty much the safety net of your AC system. Since the condenser can only compress the gas form of the refrigerant the drier or accumulator makes sure to catch any liquid that makes it back that far so that your Mazda A/C compressor won’t get damaged.

Costs of Mazda A/C compressors can vary depending on if you purchase a new one or a refurbished one. Other factors that will affect the price will be the model, engine size and year of your Mazda. You can count on us for low prices on all your Mazda A/C compressor needs. Contact us today for specific pricing on a guaranteed to fit Mazda A/C compressor that will come with a one-year warranty and free shipping!