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 Mazda  Power Steering Rack
Mazda Power Steering Rack

You have modified your Mazda in order to do some street races with it, Fast and the Furious style, but after a few years of doing that you want to change the Mazda steering rack back from a manual one to the power steering one. The manual one was convenient for racing because it made your car lighter but now that you will be putting your Mazda to normal everyday highway and street use you want to make sure it is easier to steer when you do drive.

The type of Mazda steering rack you have will be determined by whether you have a manual steering rack or a power steering one. Mazda power steering racks are the most commonly used today. They allow for more control of the car since it is easier to maneuver. Let’s discuss a Mazda power steering rack more in depth since that is what you want to replace your current steering rack with. A Mazda power steering rack is going to use a rack and pinion steering rack. This rack and pinion gearset is enclosed in a metal tube. Each end of the rack sticks out of the tube. The tie rod connects to each end of the rack. The pinion gear is attached to the steering shaft. So when the steering wheel is turned the gear spins and moves the rack.

In a Mazda manual steering rack a recirculating-ball steering box is used. This type of steering gear uses a worm gear. The worm gear will have a block of metal with a threaded hole in it. This block has gear teeth cut into the outside of it that engages a gear, which moves the pitman arm back and forth. The steering wheel connects to a threaded rod, which sticks into a hole in the block. When the steering wheel is spun this rod is turned. This rod doesn’t directly engage the threads in the metal block, instead the threads are filled with ball bearings that circulate continuously through the gear as it turns and functions as rolling threads.

The Mazda rack and pinion steering gear is much more compact, requires less effort to handle, has less linkage wear points, less moving parts and is more efficient that a Mazda manual steering rack that uses a recirculating ball steering box. But you already knew this because you are planning on making the switch. When you do decide to make the change make sure to contact us!

We have both Mazda manual steering racks and Mazda power steering racks available. You can count on us to offer you the best Mazda replacement steering rack at low prices and top-tier quality. All of your Mazda steering racks are guaranteed to fit and will come with a one-year warranty and free shipping. Our friendly and helpful customer service agents are awaiting your call and will happily get you set up with the Mazda steering rack you need!