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 Saab  Brake Disc Rotor Set
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Saab is a Swedish premium car manufacturer formed in 1945 as a project of Saab AB to design a smaller automobile. Following bankruptcy in 2011 Saab was bought by a newly formed company named, the National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS). Production of Saabs under the NEVS brand began again in 2013. Saabs are great vehicles known for their many innovations. Some examples of such an innovation were being the first automobile manufacturer to produce a turbo engine with wastegate to control boost and also the first to introduce a passenger air compartment filter. An important safety feature to your Saab is going to be your Saab brake rotors. Your brake rotors are an important component of your brakes.

Your Saab brake rotors are a part of the disc brake system, which also consists of brake pads and calipers. The Saab rotor is a large round hub, which slips through the wheel axle bolts ending up with its rear side sitting flush to the axle plate. The rotor has a smooth machined surface on both sides that the brake pad discs come into contact with when the brakes are applied. The discs are attached and held together by the caliper.

You may think a brake disc system using brake rotors was widely used since the system was developed in the 1890’s. But actually the system did not become commonly used until the 1950’s. But even then it was mostly used on racecars. The brake rotor and brake pad disc system become much more prevalent in standard vehicles in the 1960’s but were mostly installed for the front brakes. By the 1980’s it had become standard practice to use this system in the front brakes.

The purpose of your Saab rotors are to provide a reliable, hardened steel, smooth surface for the brake discs to come in contact with so that there is enough friction produced to stop or slow the vehicle. Since the brake rotors are bolted to the axle the rotor remains stable rotating the wheel and the brake pad discs, which are movable parts, close onto the rotor to make the wheels stop or slow down. The disc brake system uses rotors that require no adjusting and make it easy to determine if the rotors are wearing thin by simply removing the car wheel to observe them.

Since your Saab rotors are a vital part of your brakes you want to make sure to keep them maintained. Over time you will need to get Saab replacement rotors if you are continuously letting your brake pads wear down and grind on the rotors. We offer a guaranteed to fit Saab brake rotor set so you can get your Saab back on the road and drive with the comfort of knowing you will be safe in your Saab. So contact us today so we can help you get your Saab brake rotor set.