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 Subaru  Brake Disc Rotor Set
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Subaru is the automobile manufacturing side of parent company Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), they are the 22nd biggest automobile maker in the world. Subaru is known for its use of the boxer engine layout in most of its vehicles and also its use of the symmetrical all wheel drive. You purchased your Subaru because you wanted the all wheel function. You take your Subaru up into the mountains a lot and needed that all wheel drive. Another important part of your Subaru is your brake system, specifically your Subaru brake rotors.

Your Subaru brake rotors are vital to your brake system. They are part of the disc brakes, which are composed of your brake rotors, brake pads and brake caliper. Now each one has a different function but all parts need to work together in order for your brakes to work. Let us go ahead and look at the function of these components for a better understanding of your brake rotors.

In your disc brake system the fluid from the master cylinder is forced into a caliper where it presses against a piston. The piston then squeezes the two brake pads against the brake rotor, which is attached to the wheel. This forces your Subaru to slow down or stop. The friction surfaces on the brake pads make contact with the brake rotors and convert the forward motion of the vehicle into heat. This heat is what causes the friction of the pads to wear out and this is when you will need Subaru replacement brakes.

You may be asking yourself what warning signs to look for so you will not be caught completely out of the blue. There are quite a few basic warming sings to look for. The first one we will talk about is a high- pitched noise that occurs regularly when you apply the brakes almost like a squealing type noise. A second sign is a non-responsive sinking brake known as fading may indicate a leak in the system. A third sign is when your Subaru starts pulling to one side when the brake is applied, this could indicate that the brake pad on one side is more worn down than the other one. A fourth sign is a loud metallic sound like grinding or howling. This indicates that your brake pads are completely worn down and are scratching your rotors.

Like demonstrated above, your Subaru brake rotors are an important part of your brakes. Making sure they are maintained and work properly will help the function of your Subaru. When it comes time to replace them be sure to check out our Subaru brake rotor set, which comes with brake rotors for both sides. You want to make sure both sides are replaced at the same time because when you see damaged it is usually on both sets of brake rotors. So it is more efficient and cost wise to get the brake rotors replaced at the same time. Our Subaru brake rotor set will come with a guaranteed fit and a one-year warranty.