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 Toyota  Power Steering Rack
Toyota Power Steering Rack

You have had your Toyota Corolla for some time now and you treasure it because of how reliable of a car it is. An important part of your Toyota Corolla that makes it so nice to drive is your steering system. Your Toyota is equipped with a Toyota power steering rack and you love how easy it is to maneuver. Let’s find out more about steering racks and why they are so important to a vehicle.

A power steering rack was a great invention to automobiles because it allowed driving to be much easier. Evidence of power steering being introduced to vehicles dates back as far as 1876 but more practical steering racks similar to what we have today date back to around 1926. Power steering was not as common before in older cars because cars were not as heavy so they could be steered more easily. However, modern cars are much heavier, have front wheel drive and wider tires, which all increase the need for more steering effort. Besides power steering racks, there are also manual steering racks, which aren’t very common today. These are harder to steer because a lot more effort by the driver is required. So you may find a Toyota manual steering rack on older, lighter Toyotas.

We are going to focus on a Toyota electric steering rack since that is the most common type of steering rack available in modern cars and what most cars are switching too and looking to make the norm. The Toyota electric steering rack is controlled by a computer module and is not connected to the engine like in the hydraulic steering rack. The Toyota electric steering rack is composed of sensors that detect the position and torque of the steering column. The computer module applies assistive torque via the motor, which will be connected to either the steering gear or the steering column. The sensors send information to the computer module so that it knows what kind of assistance needs to be applied depending on the driving conditions.

Toyota steering racks are not parts you have to change often but if you notice that when you steer it is stiff or you are having trouble turning right and left then these are obvious signs that it is time for a replacement. If you have a Toyota steering rack that is hydraulic then you will notice that when it is time to change the steering rack hydraulic fluid will start to leak. Since there is no hydraulic fluid in the steering rack it will be difficult to steer and almost feel like a Toyota manual steering rack.

So if you are ever in need of a Toyota power steering rack make sure you contact us. We have Toyota electric steering racks and if you need a Toyota manual steering rack we also carry those. So make sure to get that Toyota steering rack changed at the first sign of damage for better steering.