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    July 2017

    BMW E46 3 Series Power Steering Pump Problems

    Posted On: 07/19/17

    Symptoms of a Bad Electric Fuel Pump

    Posted On: 07/05/17

    June 2017

    2006-2012 Honda Civic AC Compressor Problems

    Posted On: 06/28/17

    May 2017

    Problems with 1997-2006 Jeep TJ Wrangler Power Steering Box

    Posted On: 05/26/17

    Common Types of Diesel Injector Failure on the 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Engine

    Posted On: 05/24/17

    April 2017

    The Difference Between Shocks & Struts

    Posted On: 04/19/17

    March 2017

    Performance Benefits of Slotted And Drilled Rotors

    Posted On: 03/02/17

    February 2017

    Is Your Mercedes AirMatic Suspension Sagging or Compressor Seized?

    Posted On: 02/01/17

    January 2017

    Problems with the Z55 Autoride Suspension in 2000-2014 GM Trucks

    Posted On: 01/18/17

    October 2016

    1998 – 2004 Audi and Volkswagen Control Arm and Ball Joint Failure

    Posted On: 10/24/16

    2002-2006 Honda CRV AC Black Death Repair

    Posted On: 10/24/16

    2001-2006 BMW 3-series Ignition Coil Failure

    Posted On: 10/07/16

    2002-2008 Subaru Turbocharger Failure

    Posted On: 10/07/16

    September 2016

    2002-2011 MINI Cooper Power Steering Pump Failure

    Posted On: 09/30/16

    2003-2014 Chevy/GMC Truck & SUV AC Compressor Failure

    Posted On: 09/28/16

    1996-2002 Audi A4 1.8t Turbocharger Problems

    Posted On: 09/07/16

    June 2016

    2007-2012 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins Turbocharger Problems

    Posted On: 06/29/16

    The 2016 Honda Civic 1.5 Liter Turbo: Next-Generation Advancement or Four-Wheeled Rolling Grenade?

    Posted On: 06/08/16

    May 2016

    Critical flaws in otherwise reliable cars

    Posted On: 05/24/16

    February 2016

    How to Replace Your Struts

    Posted On: 02/23/16

    Is it Time to Change Your Diesel Fuel Injection Pump?

    Posted On: 02/16/16

    4 Common Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Problems

    Posted On: 02/09/16

    Valentine's Day Gifts for Car Lovers

    Posted On: 02/04/16

    January 2016

    4 Common Power Steering Problems – And How to Fix Them

    Posted On: 01/26/16

    Why Are Superchargers So Expensive? Find Affordable Superchargers at

    Posted On: 01/20/16

    5 Fast Cars That Are More Affordable Than You Think

    Posted On: 01/13/16 CEO Visits 2016 San Diego International Auto Show

    Posted On: 01/08/16

    How To Bleed Your Brakes Like A Pro

    Posted On: 01/07/16

    December 2015

    2016 Models We’re Pretty Revved Up About

    Posted On: 12/30/15

    Top 5 Car Shows to Binge Watch this Weekend

    Posted On: 12/22/15

    The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Brake Repairs Infographic

    Posted On: 12/17/15

    20 Things You Should Keep In Your Car This Winter.

    Posted On: 12/16/15

    How to Shop For Car Parts Online

    Posted On: 12/10/15

    How Brake Failure Works

    Posted On: 12/02/15

    November 2015

    How to Prep Your Car for Winter

    Posted On: 11/25/15

    What should you do if your brakes fail?

    Posted On: 11/19/15

    October 2015

    And We Have a Winner! Announcing the Ultimate Gearhead Quiz Marathon Contest Champion

    Posted On: 10/08/15

    September 2015

    Boosting Engine Performance Turbocharger Upgrades and Other Critical Areas to Focus On

    Posted On: 09/17/15

    3 Quick Tips for Buying the Most Affordable Auto Parts

    Posted On: 09/10/15

    Labor Day: What You Didn't Know about Auto Repair Labor Rates

    Posted On: 09/03/15

    August 2015

    How to Save Money at the Mechanic's with Affordable Car Parts

    Posted On: 08/27/15

    How Do I Keep My AC Cold? [Infographic]

    Posted On: 08/20/15

    The Ultimate Buyers Guide of the Best Gifts for Mechanics

    Posted On: 08/19/15

    Top Ten Celebrity Gearheads

    Posted On: 08/13/15

    How Automotive AC Works

    Posted On: 08/06/15

    July 2015

    The Gearhead Quiz Marathon – Win BAP Bucks for Your Car!

    Posted On: 07/30/15

    The Scary Truth about Dogs in Hot Cars, and What Lawmakers are Doing about It

    Posted On: 07/28/15

    Five Vehicle Fluids to Check Before Your Roadtrip

    Posted On: 07/23/15

    Five of the Most Obscenely Lavish Cars in the World

    Posted On: 07/21/15

    The Ultimate Turbocharger Diagram

    Posted On: 07/16/15

    Common Car Air Conditioning System Problems and How to Fix Them

    Posted On: 07/09/15

    Five Major Signs of Alternator Problems

    Posted On: 07/07/15

    Mechanics 101: What is an Alternator?

    Posted On: 07/02/15

    June 2015

    Ever Wonder How to Recharge A/C? Keep Reading!

    Posted On: 06/30/15

    Top 10 James Bond Cars of All-Time

    Posted On: 06/25/15

    5 Reasons to Invest in the Best Muffler

    Posted On: 06/23/15 #Fixaride Video Contest Winner Announced

    Posted On: 06/19/15

    The Ultimate Car Repair Cheat Sheet - Infographic

    Posted On: 06/17/15

    The Ultimate Car A/C Buying Guide

    Posted On: 06/16/15

    How to Spot a Radiator Leak from a Mile Away

    Posted On: 06/11/15

    Car Anatomy 101: The Muffler – Features, Function & Fundamental Importance

    Posted On: 06/09/15

    "How Much Do Car Parts Cost?" Resource Pages Offer Valuable Cost Data on Common Auto Parts and Associated Labor

    Posted On: 06/02/15

    May 2015

    Five Amazing International Car Brands You've Never Heard Of

    Posted On: 05/26/15

    What is Your Timing Belt Noise Telling You?

    Posted On: 05/26/15

    The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Removing a Radiator

    Posted On: 05/19/15

    A/C Compressor and A/C Condenser: The Primary Differences

    Posted On: 05/13/15

    Foggy Headlights? We Can Help with That

    Posted On: 05/07/15

    Want to Turbocharge Your Car? Here's How!

    Posted On: 05/06/15

    April 2015

    Tool Checklist for Working on Your Car Radiator

    Posted On: 04/30/15

    Five of the Scariest Roadtrips on Earth

    Posted On: 04/28/15

    5 Turbocharged Cars You Wish You Could Drive

    Posted On: 04/21/15

    The Ultimate Step by Step Headlight Replacement Guide

    Posted On: 04/16/15

    How to Make Your Car’s Air Conditioner Ice Cold

    Posted On: 04/14/15

    10 Myths About Shocks and Struts

    Posted On: 04/09/15

    Five Supercharger Kits You Wish You Had

    Posted On: 04/07/15

    Ready to DIY? Shocks and Struts Edition

    Posted On: 04/02/15

    Auto AC Repair: Do You Have the Chops to Do it Yourself?

    Posted On: 04/01/15

    March 2015

    Turbochargers vs Superchargers: The Great Debate

    Posted On: 03/31/15

    Everything You Need to Know About Electronic Fuel Injection

    Posted On: 03/27/15

    When the Rental Car Company Give You a BMW 5 Series

    Posted On: 03/26/15

    5 Best Blogs to Follow About Classic Car Parts

    Posted On: 03/26/15

    Car Needs a Little Care? Let BAP Help with the #FixARide Video Contest

    Posted On: 03/24/15

    Are You Sure You're Using the Best Car Suspension Parts for Your Vehicle?

    Posted On: 03/19/15

    Funniest Advice We've Ever Heard About How to Clean Headlights

    Posted On: 03/18/15

    The High Performance Parts Holy Grail Shortlist

    Posted On: 03/17/15

    Five Important Factors to Consider When Calculating Strut Replacement

    Posted On: 03/11/15

    Five Reasons Your Steering Wheel Shakes

    Posted On: 03/11/15

    The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Fuel Injector Cleaning

    Posted On: 03/05/15

    How to Test a Fuel Pump Like a Boss

    Posted On: 03/04/15

    The History of Xenon Headlights

    Posted On: 03/03/15

    Improve Your Truck's Performance X 10

    Posted On: 03/01/15

    February 2015

    Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Strut Assembly Repair

    Posted On: 02/26/15

    10 Myths about Online Parts

    Posted On: 02/24/15

    Best Shock Absorber Tips to Get the Most Bang for your Buck

    Posted On: 02/18/15

    Need a New Steering Rack? Read This First and Save Time and Money

    Posted On: 02/17/15

    Know the Signs: Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump

    Posted On: 02/13/15

    Are You Guilty of These Devastating Turbocharging Mistakes?

    Posted On: 02/11/15

    A/C Compressor Replacement 101

    Posted On: 02/10/15

    Are You Cut Out to Install Aftermarket Car Parts? Take This Quiz Now!

    Posted On: 02/06/15

    The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Suspension Parts

    Posted On: 02/03/15

    How to Diagnose Car AC Compressor Failure

    Posted On: 02/02/15

    January 2015

    Five Ways You’re Ruining Your Suspension

    Posted On: 01/29/15

    Why a New Steering Gearbox Will Save Your Life

    Posted On: 01/28/15

    5 Ways You’re Ruining your Intercooler System

    Posted On: 01/27/15

    When Are You Paying Too Much? AC Compressor Costs

    Posted On: 01/22/15

    Signs You Need New Shocks or Struts

    Posted On: 01/22/15

    My Visit to Arnott Air Suspension Headquarters

    Posted On: 01/21/15

    A Brief History of Power Steering

    Posted On: 01/20/15

    GM Recalls 83,572 more cars - Brings 2014 alone to 30mm

    Posted On: 01/02/15

    December 2014

    The Best 2015 Car Models

    Posted On: 12/31/14

    Are car accidents more common in the winter time?

    Posted On: 12/24/14

    September 2014

    ZF Buys TRW, Becomes World’s Second Largest Auto Parts Manufacturing Company

    Posted On: 09/26/14

    Where Have All The Small Trucks Gone?

    Posted On: 09/02/14

    July 2014

    Virtual Windshields

    Posted On: 07/18/14

    4th Of July and Cars

    Posted On: 07/03/14

    June 2014

    The Worst Used Cars To Buy

    Posted On: 06/18/14

    World Cup Car Commercials

    Posted On: 06/11/14

    Aftermarket Parts Gain Ground on OEM Parts in Collision Repair

    Posted On: 06/06/14

    May 2014

    The Bosch Xperience Visits

    Posted On: 05/30/14

    What to do if you are in a car accident

    Posted On: 05/23/14 moves up on the Internet Retailer 2014 Top 500 Guide ranking

    Posted On: 05/15/14

    Uber Is Pissing Everyone Off

    Posted On: 05/12/14

    April 2014

    Toyota Decides to Move U.S Headquarters From California to Texas

    Posted On: 04/29/14

    Google’s Self-Driving Car Is One Step Closer To Being a Reality

    Posted On: 04/28/14

    Summer is coming: Time to make sure your A/C system is working right

    Posted On: 04/18/14

    Things You Should Know About Tire Maintenance

    Posted On: 04/11/14

    What To Do When Your Car Is Recalled

    Posted On: 04/10/14

    March 2014

    Are New Cars Too Expensive For the Average American?

    Posted On: 03/26/14

    Finding Auto Parts Online, It's Not As Tricky As You Think

    Posted On: 03/24/14

    Denso Training at Headquarters

    Posted On: 03/20/14

    What’s Leaking from My Car?

    Posted On: 03/18/14

    Tips on Selling Your Car, Every Step of the Way

    Posted On: 03/14/14

    Lesson We Can Learn From Sweden In Road Safety

    Posted On: 03/11/14

    Five Common Mistakes Car Buyers Make

    Posted On: 03/05/14

    February 2014

    Jaw Dropping Automotive Dealership Sales Numbers in the U.S.A

    Posted On: 02/28/14

    Tips on Taking a Road Trip With Your Dog

    Posted On: 02/25/14

    5 Tips When Detailing Your Car

    Posted On: 02/18/14

    The 5 Things You Never Want To Hear Your Mechanic Say

    Posted On: 02/12/14 Car Olympics!

    Posted On: 02/06/14

    January 2014

    Sunday's Must-See Car Commercials

    Posted On: 01/31/14

    Speeding Actually Saves Little Time and Costs Huge Dollars

    Posted On: 01/28/14

    Yukon Gear and Axle Added To Performance Parts Selection

    Posted On: 01/23/14 is Proud to Announce we Now Carry aFe Parts

    Posted On: 01/17/14

    Finally, Tesla Recalls 29,222 Vehicles Over Fire Risk

    Posted On: 01/15/14

    New Year's Resolution: Make More Preventative Repairs

    Posted On: 01/10/14

    San Diego International Auto Show

    Posted On: 01/03/14

    December 2013

    Drive Safe This New Year's Eve

    Posted On: 12/31/13

    Why You Should Never Input Your Pin at the Pump

    Posted On: 12/27/13

    Best Dressed Cars for Christmas

    Posted On: 12/24/13

    The Lego Car is Awesome

    Posted On: 12/20/13

    New Cars To Be Excited About In 2014

    Posted On: 12/19/13

    The Best Car Gadgets of 2013

    Posted On: 12/13/13

    Holiday Gift Ideas For Car Lovers

    Posted On: 12/12/13

    The Great Ocean Road

    Posted On: 12/05/13

    How Dangerous Is The Porsche Carrera GT, Really?

    Posted On: 12/04/13

    November 2013

    Travel Apps That Will Save You This Thanksgiving

    Posted On: 11/27/13

    5 Road Trip Games For This Thanksgiving Holiday

    Posted On: 11/26/13

    Should Race Car Drivers Be Considered Athletes

    Posted On: 11/22/13

    LA Auto Show’s Worst Car of the Year: The Puma

    Posted On: 11/21/13

    Blast From The Past: Chevrolet Monza

    Posted On: 11/14/13

    We Have the COOLEST Customers

    Posted On: 11/12/13 Attends SEMA!

    Posted On: 11/08/13

    Should You Buy A New Car Or A Used Car?

    Posted On: 11/07/13

    Top Scenic Road Trips For Fall Foliage

    Posted On: 11/01/13

    October 2013

    Halloween 2013 at

    Posted On: 10/31/13

    5 MORE Common Car Myths Busted

    Posted On: 10/24/13

    Signs You Need New Shocks or Struts

    Posted On: 10/22/13

    NFL Chargers Driving Dodge Chargers

    Posted On: 10/18/13

    How To Prepare Your Car For Cold Weather

    Posted On: 10/15/13

    The Cars of Walking Dead

    Posted On: 10/08/13

    Cyclists vs. Motorists

    Posted On: 10/07/13

    Things To Always Keep In Your Car

    Posted On: 10/02/13

    How The Government Shutdown Affects The Automotive Industry

    Posted On: 10/01/13

    September 2013

    Alfa Romeo Making a Comeback… Sometime Soon.

    Posted On: 09/26/13

    We’re in the San Diego Business Journal -- AGAIN!

    Posted On: 09/23/13

    Self-Driving Cars

    Posted On: 09/20/13

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Posted On: 09/19/13

    What To Do When Your Car Gets Stolen

    Posted On: 09/18/13

    Easy Car Repairs that YOU Can Do

    Posted On: 09/17/13

    Car Repair Warning Signs: How I Learned the Hard Way

    Posted On: 09/13/13

    How To Find a Good, Trustworthy Mechanic

    Posted On: 09/12/13

    The Audi Nanuk Concept Car

    Posted On: 09/11/13

    Largest Traffic Accidents in History

    Posted On: 09/10/13

    Uber: The NFL's Designated Driver

    Posted On: 09/06/13

    The Speed Channel, Gone Forever

    Posted On: 09/05/13

    Dash Cams: Are They Worth the Investment?

    Posted On: 09/03/13

    August 2013

    The Homer Car Meets Its Creator

    Posted On: 08/30/13

    One Last Escape: Labor Day Weekend Destinations

    Posted On: 08/29/13

    Is a Matte Car Cool? No.

    Posted On: 08/28/13

    No Car? No Problem

    Posted On: 08/27/13

    3rd Time's a Charm: Inc. 5000 List

    Posted On: 08/22/13 is Proud to Carry Gabriel Parts

    Posted On: 08/21/13

    5 U.S Cities with the Worst Traffic

    Posted On: 08/20/13

    “When will I see my Refund?”

    Posted On: 08/19/13

    Driving Habits That Will Earn You Countless Enemies

    Posted On: 08/16/13

    An Ergonomic Car Seat?

    Posted On: 08/15/13

    Why You Should Never Buy a Prius

    Posted On: 08/14/13’s Close-Up Look at the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze

    Posted On: 08/13/13

    Automatic Link: A Smartphone Application that Helps You Take Care of Your Car

    Posted On: 08/09/13

    The Cars of Breaking Bad

    Posted On: 08/08/13

    5 Cool Cars for a First Time Buyer

    Posted On: 08/07/13

    What’s The Best Car for a Zombie Apocalypse?

    Posted On: 08/06/13

    3 of the Most Hated American Made Cars

    Posted On: 08/05/13

    Saving Money on Gas the EASY Way

    Posted On: 08/02/13

    BMW Unveils Tesla Competitor

    Posted On: 08/01/13

    July 2013

    Maintaining Your Car on a Budget, Without Sacrificing Performance

    Posted On: 07/30/13

    Car Trends That Need To End Immediately

    Posted On: 07/29/13 Holds a Blood Drive

    Posted On: 07/26/13

    What to Do if Your Car Catches Fire

    Posted On: 07/25/13

    Texting And Driving

    Posted On: 07/24/13

    Iconic Comic Book Rides

    Posted On: 07/19/13

    Comic Con 2013

    Posted On: 07/18/13

    Our Performance Pro Takes A Ride Up The Pacific Coast Highway

    Posted On: 07/17/13

    Top 5 AFFORDABLE Classic Cars

    Posted On: 07/16/13

    14-Month Girl Buys Car on eBay

    Posted On: 07/12/13

    Jay Leno and His Cars

    Posted On: 07/11/13

    Is NASCAR a Sport?

    Posted On: 07/08/13

    17 Tips to Survive the Desert When Your Car Breaks Down

    Posted On: 07/05/13

    How to Avoid Expensive Car Repairs?

    Posted On: 07/01/13

    June 2013

    The Homer Car

    Posted On: 06/28/13

    Major Automotive Invention Milestones

    Posted On: 06/27/13

    What to do if Your Car AC Compressor Breaks

    Posted On: 06/24/13

    The Benefits of a Small Car

    Posted On: 06/21/13

    The 10 Most Influential People Currently in the Auto Industry

    Posted On: 06/19/13

    5 Common Car Myths Exposed

    Posted On: 06/18/13

    High School Students Get Cars For Perfect Attendance

    Posted On: 06/14/13

    Infographic: Summer Driving Tips

    Posted On: 06/11/13

    Rare NBA Car Commercials

    Posted On: 06/06/13

    What is a Harmonic Balancer?

    Posted On: 06/05/13

    Car2Go: Smart Cars and a Smart Idea

    Posted On: 06/04/13

    DiabloSport: Taking Power to a Whole New Level

    Posted On: 06/03/13

    May 2013

    Road Trip 4: What Harmful Things Can Happen To Your Car On A Road Trip

    Posted On: 05/31/13

    Road Trip 3: Fun Ways to Entertain Yourself On A long Road Trip

    Posted On: 05/30/13

    Road Trip 2: How To Prepare Your Car for a Long Road Trip

    Posted On: 05/29/13

    Road Trip 1: Summer Car Road Trips

    Posted On: 05/28/13

    Memorial Day Travel

    Posted On: 05/24/13

    The Low Priced Chevy Spark EV

    Posted On: 05/23/13


    Posted On: 05/20/13

    Wax On Wax Off

    Posted On: 05/17/13

    How to Care for Your Rag Top

    Posted On: 05/14/13

    Prepare Your Car for Summer: Your Car is Like Your Dog

    Posted On: 05/10/13

    Buy Auto Parts Is Proud To Carry Magnaflow

    Posted On: 05/09/13

    The Buy Auto Parts Warehouse

    Posted On: 05/06/13


    Posted On: 05/03/13

    5 Tips For Improving Your Gas Mileage

    Posted On: 05/02/13

    Tips for Choosing The Right Window Tint For Your Car

    Posted On: 05/01/13

    April 2013

    Checking Your Tire Pressure on Your Car

    Posted On: 04/30/13

    Emerging Automotive Markets

    Posted On: 04/26/13

    Creative Things To Do With Old Car Parts

    Posted On: 04/25/13

    Mini Steering Pump Problems

    Posted On: 04/22/13

    Honda CRV Black Death

    Posted On: 04/19/13

    Your Car’s Cooling Fan: One Fan You Can’t Do Without

    Posted On: 04/18/13

    The Air Fuel Ratio Sensor

    Posted On: 04/17/13

    The Safest Cars Of 2013

    Posted On: 04/16/13

    The Importance of Balancing and Rotating Your Tires

    Posted On: 04/15/13

    Simple Car Do It Yourself Projects

    Posted On: 04/12/13

    How To Detail Your Car

    Posted On: 04/11/13

    Reasons Why Cars Fail Emmisions Tests

    Posted On: 04/10/13

    Regular Checklist for Your Car

    Posted On: 04/08/13

    Signs That Your Car is Having Transmission Trouble

    Posted On: 04/05/13

    Offroading At Night

    Posted On: 04/04/13

    You May Be Able To Fix More Than You Think

    Posted On: 04/02/13

    Convertibles Are Not Just For Baby Boomers

    Posted On: 04/01/13

    March 2013

    Is My Wheel Hub Assembly Or Are My Wheel Bearings Bad?

    Posted On: 03/29/13

    Radiator Maintenance

    Posted On: 03/28/13

    Wheel Hub Replacement

    Posted On: 03/25/13

    What is the Name of Your Car Navigation?

    Posted On: 03/22/13

    If My Alternator Dies, Is My Car Next?

    Posted On: 03/21/13

    AC Blowing but NOT Cool? Check out the Expansion Valve

    Posted On: 03/20/13

    How Important is an AC Compressor?

    Posted On: 03/19/13

    Your ABS Pump May be Your Best Friend

    Posted On: 03/15/13

    Your ABS Sensor can Save Your Life

    Posted On: 03/14/13

    Suspension Compressor Problems: BUMPS harder than they used to be?

    Posted On: 03/12/13

    My Elbow was the Window Motor

    Posted On: 03/11/13

    7 Ways to Make Your Car More Fuel Efficient to SaveYou Money

    Posted On: 03/08/13

    What Are Serpentine Belts?

    Posted On: 03/06/13

    Review: 2013 Honda Accord

    Posted On: 03/04/13

    9 Affordable Cars of 2013: Less than $15K and More than 30 MPG

    Posted On: 03/01/13

    February 2013

    Regenerative Braking

    Posted On: 02/28/13

    The Web Connected Car: the Future of the Auto Industry or Just a Fad?

    Posted On: 02/27/13

    What Is A Hemi Engine?

    Posted On: 02/26/13

    Hella Headlights

    Posted On: 02/25/13

    Oscar Worthy Cars

    Posted On: 02/22/13

    Caring for an Exotic Car During Car Shipping

    Posted On: 02/21/13

    When is it Best to Fill Up Your Gas Tank?

    Posted On: 02/20/13

    Tesla vs The New York Times

    Posted On: 02/18/13

    Do You Trust Your Mechanic?

    Posted On: 02/14/13

    Ignoring Your Transmission Is Expensive

    Posted On: 02/13/13

    Smart Headlights

    Posted On: 02/12/13

    AC Car Compressor Maintenance

    Posted On: 02/08/13

    Gasoline is for the Dinosaurs!

    Posted On: 02/07/13

    What’s that Light on My Dashboard?

    Posted On: 02/06/13

    Get To Know Our Pros

    Posted On: 02/05/13

    NASCAR Generation 6 Car

    Posted On: 02/01/13

    January 2013

    Funniest Super Bowl Car Commercials

    Posted On: 01/30/13

    What Happens to Cars When They Get Scrapped?

    Posted On: 01/29/13

    What Causes a Seatbelt To Lockup?

    Posted On: 01/25/13

    How Does a Fuel Pump Know When to Stop?

    Posted On: 01/24/13

    What to Lookout for When Buying a Car on Craigslist

    Posted On: 01/23/13

    A Presidential Ride

    Posted On: 01/21/13

    Will a Turbocharged Car Save Me Money?

    Posted On: 01/18/13

    Record Your Install - Receive Store Credit and/or Discounts!

    Posted On: 01/16/13

    Most Popular Cars on the Road in the US

    Posted On: 01/15/13

    Buying a Car vs. Leasing a Car... That is the Question!

    Posted On: 01/11/13

    Nine New Auto Apps for Ford Sync AppLink

    Posted On: 01/08/13

    December 2012

    The Cost of Cold

    Posted On: 12/27/12

    The Best Time to Buy

    Posted On: 12/26/12

    Top Selling Sedans of 2012

    Posted On: 12/21/12

    Posted On: 12/20/12

    Your Car As A Coupon

    Posted On: 12/19/12

    The Gift of Car Parts

    Posted On: 12/14/12 on the Inc. 5000 List

    Posted On: 12/12/12

    What is Horsepower? (Part 2)

    Posted On: 12/11/12

    What is Horsepower? (Part 1)

    Posted On: 12/10/12

    Is Premium Gas Better Than Regular?

    Posted On: 12/07/12

    BMW 4-Series

    Posted On: 12/06/12

    The Perfect Gift

    Posted On: 12/05/12

    November 2012

    Christmas Car Costumes

    Posted On: 11/30/12

    America Loves the Chevrolet Volt

    Posted On: 11/29/12

    Bilstein Meets Beetle

    Posted On: 11/28/12

    Bosch and Denso Sever Ties -

    Posted On: 11/21/12

    Circuit of the Americas is a Big Success

    Posted On: 11/20/12

    BorgWarner Names New CEO-

    Posted On: 11/16/12

    Redemption: The 2013 Honda Civic

    Posted On: 11/12/12

    Used Car Prices on the Rise

    Posted On: 11/08/12

    Flood Damage: What You Need to Know

    Posted On: 11/07/12

    Google Trusted Store

    Posted On: 11/06/12

    Volvo: Autonomous Driving Support

    Posted On: 11/05/12

    40mpg! Just Kidding, We Meant 37...

    Posted On: 11/02/12

    Automobile Magazine 2013 Car of the Year

    Posted On: 11/01/12

    October 2012

    In the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

    Posted On: 10/31/12

    Luxury Cars: The True Cost of Ownership

    Posted On: 10/29/12

    China Takes On Traffic

    Posted On: 10/26/12

    Poor Road Conditions are Costing You Money

    Posted On: 10/25/12

    Steer-by-Wire to Replace Power Steering?

    Posted On: 10/24/12

    Car Trouble? Try Rebooting.

    Posted On: 10/23/12

    When to Pull Over For Emergency Vehicles?

    Posted On: 10/19/12

    The Line Between Safety and Surveillance

    Posted On: 10/18/12

    What is a Cylinder Head?

    Posted On: 10/16/12

    Top Car Colors of 2012

    Posted On: 10/15/12

    Car Sales Go Mobile

    Posted On: 10/12/12

    Hypermiling Pushes the Limits

    Posted On: 10/06/12

    The Bloodhound Project: Building the Fastest Car in the World

    Posted On: 10/05/12

    Original Equipment for the Aftermarket

    Posted On: 10/04/12

    Keep Your A/C Compressor Running

    Posted On: 10/03/12

    How Can I Tell When My Shocks and Struts are Worn?

    Posted On: 10/02/12

    What is Electronic Stability Control?

    Posted On: 10/01/12

    September 2012

    Buy Auto Parts is a proud to be a distributor of KYB Shocks and Struts

    Posted On: 09/27/12

    Why are Reseller Ratings Important?

    Posted On: 09/25/12

    Paris Auto Show

    Posted On: 09/24/12

    Car Sharing with

    Posted On: 09/20/12

    What is the difference between NC, NA, and RC?

    Posted On: 09/19/12

    Destination Unknown: iPhone sans Google Maps

    Posted On: 09/17/12

    Which City has the Worst Friday Commute?

    Posted On: 09/14/12

    Google’s Self-driving Car

    Posted On: 09/13/12

    9 Dollars a Gallon!?

    Posted On: 09/12/12

    BuyAutoParts & Borg Warner

    Posted On: 09/11/12

    Did That Sign Say 85MPH?

    Posted On: 09/10/12

    Why do I get asked for my VIN or production year when I am trying to buy parts for my car?

    Posted On: 09/07/12

    I think my cylinder head might be cracked, how can I tell?

    Posted On: 09/06/12

    August 2012

    What are my A/C pressure readings telling me about my A/C system?

    Posted On: 08/31/12

    Why does the dealership want to charge me so much for parts?

    Posted On: 08/30/12

    Why should you replace your accumulator/drier when you replace your compressor?

    Posted On: 08/29/12

    What is a Core Charge?

    Posted On: 08/28/12

    The Future of Buying Cars?

    Posted On: 08/27/12

    Top Stolen Cars of 2011

    Posted On: 08/22/12

    What Does a Knock Sensor Do?

    Posted On: 08/21/12

    What is a Crank Position Sensor?

    Posted On: 08/17/12

    What Can Debris Do to Your Car?

    Posted On: 08/14/12

    How to Choose the Proper Tire Size?

    Posted On: 08/09/12

    Is That Smoke Coming From My Tailpipe?

    Posted On: 08/06/12

    Get Rid of that Squeal from under the Hood

    Posted On: 08/02/12

    July 2012

    What does the Alternator Do?

    Posted On: 07/30/12

    Why is an Intercooler so Important to a Turbocharged Car?

    Posted On: 07/24/12

    Why do Bigger Brakes Perform Better?

    Posted On: 07/20/12

    Fuel System Issues

    Posted On: 07/18/12

    What is an Electronic Actuator for a Turbo Wastegate

    Posted On: 07/14/12

    How to Drive a Manual Transmission Vehicle

    Posted On: 07/11/12

    How to Center a Power Steering Gearbox

    Posted On: 07/06/12

    Is My Oxygen Sensor Bad?

    Posted On: 07/03/12

    June 2012

    How to Wire a New Fuel Pump

    Posted On: 06/29/12

    Buy Auto Parts is Now a Bilstein Distributor

    Posted On: 06/28/12

    Why is the Radiator Fan So Important?

    Posted On: 06/25/12

    A Clogged Air Filter Can be a Dangerous Enemy

    Posted On: 06/21/12

    Why are Good Tires so Important?

    Posted On: 06/19/12

    How Do Auto AC Systems Work

    Posted On: 06/15/12

    Some Common Brake Issues

    Posted On: 06/12/12

    Can I Really Install This Part in My Driveway

    Posted On: 06/07/12

    Proper Driving Techniques

    Posted On: 06/04/12

    May 2012

    Used Car Prices Dropping

    Posted On: 05/31/12

    Summer Time Car Maintenance

    Posted On: 05/31/12

    BMW Zagato Coupe

    Posted On: 05/25/12

    BMW the Most Powerful Auto Brand

    Posted On: 05/23/12

    GM Puts Brakes on Facebook Advertising

    Posted On: 05/17/12

    My iPad has a Giant Cadillac Case

    Posted On: 05/10/12

    Mercedes Airmatic vs ABC Suspension

    Posted On: 05/09/12

    Charging Made Easy

    Posted On: 05/04/12

    Best of the Beijing Auto Show

    Posted On: 05/02/12

    The Auto Black Box

    Posted On: 05/01/12

    April 2012

    Cadillac's "Super Cruise" To Take On Autonomous Driving

    Posted On: 04/27/12

    Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

    Posted On: 04/24/12

    Lamborghini Unveils SUV at Beijing Auto Show

    Posted On: 04/23/12

    Basic Oil Change

    Posted On: 04/20/12

    Synthetic vs. Conventional Motor Oil

    Posted On: 04/19/12

    New York's New Nissan Taxi Cabs

    Posted On: 04/18/12

    Fresh Squeezed Orange Oil Tires

    Posted On: 04/17/12

    10 Things Everyone Should Know About Their Vehicle

    Posted On: 04/16/12

    NHTSA Wants Brake-Throttle Override Systems

    Posted On: 04/13/12

    In-Car Wireless Charging

    Posted On: 04/11/12

    The 2013 SRT Viper

    Posted On: 04/10/12

    What is Your Check Engine Light Trying to Tell You?

    Posted On: 04/06/12

    The First Auto Show - 1900

    Posted On: 04/05/12

    The Scoop on Spare Tires

    Posted On: 04/04/12

    Why is the Price of Oil So High?

    Posted On: 04/03/12

    Tips for Improving Fuel Economy

    Posted On: 04/02/12

    March 2012

    Awesome Charity Gives Rides & Hope to Cancer Patients

    Posted On: 03/30/12

    How To Resurface Headlights

    Posted On: 03/29/12

    10 Tips for Driving After Dark

    Posted On: 03/28/12

    Turbochargers in Family Cars

    Posted On: 03/26/12

    Collision Avoidance Systems

    Posted On: 03/23/12

    Essential Vehicle Maintenance: Exterior Care

    Posted On: 03/21/12

    Essential Vehicle Maintenance: Tires

    Posted On: 03/19/12

    Essential Vehicle Maintenance: Windshield & Accessories

    Posted On: 03/15/12

    Essential Vehicle Maintenance: Batteries

    Posted On: 03/13/12

    The Dirty Little Secret about Electric Vehicles

    Posted On: 03/09/12

    Do It Yourself: Vehicle Fluid Checks

    Posted On: 03/07/12

    What is MPGe?

    Posted On: 03/05/12

    How to Choose the Right Vehicle for You

    Posted On: 03/01/12

    February 2012

    What To Do If You're Involved In A Minor Car Accident

    Posted On: 02/28/12

    How To Get Warranty Work Done at the Dealership

    Posted On: 02/23/12

    Rear-Facing Cameras Might Be Required by 2014

    Posted On: 02/21/12

    The Importance of Having a Dash Cam

    Posted On: 02/17/12

    What Documents Are Important to Keep for my Vehicle?

    Posted On: 02/15/12

    Why Should I Lower My Tire Pressure?

    Posted On: 02/10/12

    10 Things to NOT Put Off

    Posted On: 02/07/12

    The Function of a Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor

    Posted On: 02/05/12

    What is a Transmission Gearbox?

    Posted On: 02/03/12

    Why Do Vehicles Have Tow Ratings?

    Posted On: 02/01/12