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Top 5 Car Shows to Binge Watch this Weekend

With cable and satellite TV packages offering more programming options than ever before, figuring out what to watch can be overwhelming. Aside from the local channels and maybe a few other stations you regularly watch, most of the offerings up in the hundreds are certainly hit or miss.

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The Worst Used Cars To Buy

Looking to purchase a used car? Sometimes this can be a cost effective solution to upgrading your old car to something new-ish, but be sure to avoid the following models due to their high rate of failures.

Mazda CX-7

For product years 2007 through 2012, the CX-7 has been infamous for their serious engine issues. Nearly 30% of CX-7’s sold at auctions have “engine needs service” announcements and there is even a website dedicated to CX-7 problems...

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LA Auto Show’s Worst Car of the Year: The Puma

With SEMA out of the way, the next show we look forward to is the Los Angeles Auto Show (Read more about our fun at SEMA: Attends SEMA!). The LA Auto Show is an annual week-long event that’s open to the public and showcases all of the new and upcoming cars and car technology. Automakers roll out their latest concept cars and new model year designs for everyone to see and critique. This year, before the show has even opened up to the public, pictures leaked from the Preview Night have revealed the worst car of the year, actually EVER...

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5 MORE Common Car Myths Busted

Everyone has heard some sort of car myth, from somebody who swears by its validity. But this advice is usually given to you by some kooky aunt or overbearing neighbor, and you’re never really sure what to trust is actually true. A car is a pretty big investment, and you want to try to keep it running for as long as possible right? Well, here are five common car myths have we’ve debunked, just for you. Trust us, we’re car experts...

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Is a Matte Car Cool? No.

On my daily fun drives to-and-from work I have been noticing way too many matte colored vehicles. Thankfully, most of them are matte black as that is really the only matte color that really makes any sense. The word matte means, in its adjective form: dull and flat, without a shine. This is what people are doing to their cars, making them look dull and flat, and taking away the shine.


That is my only real question to those who ‘matte’ their cars. Of course, Justin Bieber is in on this trend, having been spotted effectively ruining a beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia by turning it Matte Blue. But we can’t really be surprised, as Mr. Bieber does a lot of things that puzzle the general public. He also has a lot of money, so this is probably more of a toy for him. I guess if I had his money I would ‘matte’ one of my toy cars too.

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Driving Habits That Will Earn You Countless Enemies

Driving Habits That Will Make You Countless Enemies

No matter how long you’ve been a driver on our roadways, you know that there are some drivers that drive you insane. These are the drivers that just make you want to hulk-grip your steering wheel and steamroll them. Below are the most heinous driving habits that are committed daily. Please, don’t be THAT person.

Parking in TWO Spots

So I’ve been circling the same parking lot for the past 5 minutes and I finally come across an open spot. I’m hit with the awful realization that I can’t park here -- the car next to it is about halfway in MY spot. Really, parking straight is not all that difficult. If you pull into a spot and realize you’re crooked, fixing this takes about 10 seconds...

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Why You Should Never Buy a Prius

Why You Should Never Buy a Prius

I don’t know where my complete disdain for the Toyota Prius started, but for as long as I can remember I’ve hated every Prius I’ve come across on the road. It’s the top selling hybrid car in the nation, and I hate it. I can also definitely say I don’t share the same passionate revulsion in regards to other hybrid cars. So Prius, this one is just for you.

For the Cost, It’s HIDEOUS.

On average, consumers are paying $24,000 to $30,000 for the 2013 Toyota Prius. For that price tag, you would expect a pretty nice interior to counteract the dreadful egg-shaped exterior. However, there is more cheap plastic littered on the inside of this car than a dollar store...

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3 of the Most Hated American Made Cars

As I wandered around the world of the internet today, I came across a whole lot of opinions about why people hate their car. Many people complained that they hated their car because they got a lemon; it is always broken and will always be broken. Others hate it because their car is just plain ugly. Others hate their car because it has a major defect, like an eternally faulty feature that is greatly annoying and is unfixable.

The below three cars stood out as some of the most hated vehicles made in America.

1. Pontiac Aztek

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Car Trends That Need To End Immediately

Headlight Lashes

I don’t know where and when this trend started, but it has taken over. As a female, I’m not sure why my fellow ladies have happily handed over their money to invest in these hideous car lashes. I’ve noticed that there has been a recent outbreak of this epidemic in San Diego – and I blame it on LivingSocial’s sweet deal.

Family Rear Window Decals

I can guarantee that you’ve seen this posted on some sort of mini-van or SUV. I guess people like showing off how many people and dogs and cats and birds they have in their family. But do you really need to display it for all to see? One time I was driving behind a van with a decal of one lady and a slew of 8 cats trailing her. To top that off, the saddest instance I’ve seen was a family of 4 that HAD two dogs. The dogs had X’s through them, indicating that they had died. I’d really prefer to be spared from these depressing details while I’m driving.

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