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5 Best Blogs to Follow About Classic Car Parts

After baseball, classic cars might be America’s favorite pastime. We just can’t seem to let go of those classic rides. Not only that, cars from the Golden Age of American auto production – most models from the 1930s through the 1970s – get more TLC than our daily commuters.

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The History of Xenon Headlights

It is more than likely, you’ve seen Xenon lights before—they’re typically the ones that seem bright enough to light the road for two cars! Though not new, Xenon lights, (also known as High Intensity Discharge Lights), have become increasingly common as advanced technology has decreased the cost of production. Despite increasing popularity and a much brighter luminance, HID lights still play second fiddle to their more ubiquitous cousin, the halogen light.


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10 Myths about Online Parts

Trepidation isn’t uncommon when it comes to auto repairs and parts. If you’re on the fence when it comes to buying auto parts online, we’ve compiled a list of common fears concerning the process—and put them to rest!

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Where Have All The Small Trucks Gone?

Remember the days of small trucks? The Chevrolet S10, The Ford ranger, The Dodge Dakota, even Toyota’s Tacoma used to be small in the 1990s (The Tacoma now looks like it took a few cycles of steroids and is almost as big as the Sequoia.) These trucks were extremely popular back in the day. So, what happened from then until now which caused these smaller trucks to go the way of the dinosaurs?
In the early 2000s gas got a little cheaper, so people were more willing to buy the bigger, heavier, less fuel efficient trucks. However, the biggest thing that killed the little trucks were their big brothers. A lot of customers would simply pay a little more to upgrade to the bigger option. The cost of buying the small Chevrolet Canyon compared to the bigger Silverado was only a couple grand. Dealers said the two cars were priced too similarly. Both of these things lead to a small truck market collapse 15 years ago.

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4th Of July and Cars

There is no day more American than The 4th of July. Likewise, there is no product more American than the automobile. We invented the car, we perfected the car, and we introduced the rest of the world to cars. So, it is only natural that cars play such a big role in the celebration of The 4th of July.


Whether you live in a city of millions or a town of a few hundreds, odds are you are not far from a local 4th of July Parade. Parades are full of marching bands, balloons, and all that other stuff nobody really pays attention to. The highlight of parades is always the floats. And, guess what powers those showstoppers? Cars! I bet you knew that though. You seem like a smart person.

Guess what also transports the grand marshal of the parade, or the local beauty pageant winner? Yup, still a car. Sensing a theme here?

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Blast From The Past: Chevrolet Monza

Every once in a while, I come across extinct car models I had never heard of before. When I do, I like to do a Google search to see what they looked like and most of the time I am not impressed. This makes sense; there is a reason why these models aren’t around anymore! Until recently when I looked up the Chevrolet Monza and was stunned by the fact this model only lasted 6 measly model years from 1975-1980. So, in an effort to right the wrong GM committed by letting the Chevrolet Monza go, I decided to write a post about everything you might find interesting about the Chevrolet Monza.

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Largest Traffic Accidents in History

Last week in Kent County located in southeast England, a mind boggling chain-reaction car crash involving 130 vehicles ended up injuring about 200 people, 33 of which were hauled off to the hospital. Apparently visibility was poor due to heavy fog and was the primary cause for the huge pile-up. Fog shouldn’t be a surprising climate element in England, but the drivers on the bridge were clearly not prepared for it. Those at the scene stated that visibility was only a mere 10 to 15 feet, and many were tailgating the car in front of them. These two elements mixed together is the recipe for disaster. The bridge was closed for nine hours, and it took 30 ambulances and 6 fire engines to clear up the horrendous scene. News reports say that, “this is the biggest single fog accident that Britain has ever had”. The aerial view of the Sheppey Crossing pile-up looked like a bunch of hot wheels hurled together, totally unreal. Thankfully no one died in this massive string of car crashes, but it got us thinking: What are some of the traffic accidents or pile-ups recorded?

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3 of the Most Hated American Made Cars

As I wandered around the world of the internet today, I came across a whole lot of opinions about why people hate their car. Many people complained that they hated their car because they got a lemon; it is always broken and will always be broken. Others hate it because their car is just plain ugly. Others hate their car because it has a major defect, like an eternally faulty feature that is greatly annoying and is unfixable.

The below three cars stood out as some of the most hated vehicles made in America.

1. Pontiac Aztek

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Top 5 AFFORDABLE Classic Cars

Did you know that July 12th was Collector Car Appreciation Day! Some collector cars out there can range in the hundreds of thousands to millions, which is a little outrageous. In light of this automotive holiday, we thought it would be ideal to compile a short list of the top five classic cars that also won’t burn a hole in your pocketbook. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to behind the wheel of one these on a hot summer cruise? (All of these prices are the average for a good condition vehicle too – no need to roll up your sleeves for these puppies!)

1. 1968-1985 Fiat 124 Sport Spider
2. 1964 Ford Thunderbird
3. 1966 Ford Mustang

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Major Automotive Invention Milestones

The Major Milestones of Automotive Inventions

Most of us are surrounded by technology and inventions in our daily lives that for the most part we take for granted. Sometimes it is good to look back at how the various technologies we have at our disposal got their start. It can be truly fascinating, enlightening and inspiring.

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like without access to a car or automobile of any kind? The modern car has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the late 19th century. Let’s go on a journey to learn the origins of the automobile and all the major breakthroughs that were achieved.

This is a very brief history of cars and the inventors who made it all happen.

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