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2016 Models We’re Pretty Revved Up About

2016 is already upon us and it’s time to be upping your new year, new you game. For auto enthusiasts like us (and probably you, too), the New Year means an opportunity to revel in the exciting new model releases.

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The Scary Truth about Dogs in Hot Cars, and What Lawmakers are Doing about It

During the summer, it’s difficult to see stories in the news about children being left in hot cars. Another frequent and similarly distressing event is when dogs are likewise abandoned. How long does a dog have to live in sweltering car with the windows rolled up and no fresh air to breathe? And what legal ramifications, if any, are currently on the books? Let’s take a look at the issue.

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Turbochargers vs Superchargers: The Great Debate

Although the supercharger was invented only a few short years before the turbocharger, they’ve come to represent the familiar poles of technological innovation. The supercharger, with its elegant simplicity and ubiquitous applications in everything from lawnmowers to jet planes, stands for the tried-and-true. The turbocharger, seeming more clever than smart, plays the overeager disruptor. It’s time to settle the great debate: turbocharger vs supercharger—what does the future hold?

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Everything You Need to Know About Electronic Fuel Injection

If you think of your car as a living, breathing being then it is fair to call the car’s engine the heart of the being. The engine has similar general functions to a human being’s heart as it gets the blood (fuel) pumping and the rest of the body parts (other automotive parts) moving! If the engine is the heart, then the engine control unit (ECU) found in many modern vehicles is the brain. If you want to understand the fundamentals of electronic fuel injection then you need to understand the concept that electronic fuel injection would be non-existent without the brain of the car.

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10 Myths about Online Parts

Trepidation isn’t uncommon when it comes to auto repairs and parts. If you’re on the fence when it comes to buying auto parts online, we’ve compiled a list of common fears concerning the process—and put them to rest!

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GM Recalls 83,572 more cars - Brings 2014 alone to 30mm

General Motors announced this week another recall of 83,572 Cadillac Escalade’s and Chevrolet Yukon’s from 2011 and 2012

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The Best 2015 Car Models

As 2014 wraps up, we all like to take a moment to reminisce on the year that was. What better way for us to help you do this than to compile a list of our favorite 2015 car models that were introduced during the great year of 2014. Below is a list of our favorite 2015 models in five different categories; pickup truck, sedan, luxury vehicle, electric, and muscle cars.

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Where Have All The Small Trucks Gone?

Remember the days of small trucks? The Chevrolet S10, The Ford ranger, The Dodge Dakota, even Toyota’s Tacoma used to be small in the 1990s (The Tacoma now looks like it took a few cycles of steroids and is almost as big as the Sequoia.) These trucks were extremely popular back in the day. So, what happened from then until now which caused these smaller trucks to go the way of the dinosaurs?
In the early 2000s gas got a little cheaper, so people were more willing to buy the bigger, heavier, less fuel efficient trucks. However, the biggest thing that killed the little trucks were their big brothers. A lot of customers would simply pay a little more to upgrade to the bigger option. The cost of buying the small Chevrolet Canyon compared to the bigger Silverado was only a couple grand. Dealers said the two cars were priced too similarly. Both of these things lead to a small truck market collapse 15 years ago.

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Virtual Windshields

Now, I know I am really smart guy, but I am not the first person to think up this brilliant idea. Car companies and tech startups having been toying around with different ways to best use car windshields in outside of the box ways.

Currently, some cars display the MPH and fuel data on the windshield right above the steering wheel. This allows the driver to keep their head up while driving. Its safer then looking down to make sure they are driving within the speed limits.

Other companies have tied in GPS directions into the window screen. Checkout the whole blog entry to see some videos of this technology in action.

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The Worst Used Cars To Buy

Looking to purchase a used car? Sometimes this can be a cost effective solution to upgrading your old car to something new-ish, but be sure to avoid the following models due to their high rate of failures.

Mazda CX-7

For product years 2007 through 2012, the CX-7 has been infamous for their serious engine issues. Nearly 30% of CX-7’s sold at auctions have “engine needs service” announcements and there is even a website dedicated to CX-7 problems...

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