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How to Spot a Radiator Leak from a Mile Away

If your radiator has ever failed while driving, you probably already know the signs of a coolant system leak. Many times, a small leak becomes a major problem, which is followed by an overheated engine. And when your engine overheats, you’re officially out of luck – at that point, you should have one of the following: a mechanic friend, responsive roadside assistance or the technical know-how to fix the problem yourself. ( can help with your new radiator; we have hundreds in stock, all at prices well below other vendors).

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Car Anatomy 101: The Muffler – Features, Function & Fundamental Importance

The muffler – it’s the last component of your exhaust system, yet first in the hearts of many “mod crazy” car enthusiasts. Always heard before seen (unless your muffler truly is whisper-quiet), the typical muffler does its job quietly and, quite literally, under the radar. So far under the radar, it’s barely above the road.

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"How Much Do Car Parts Cost?" Resource Pages Offer Valuable Cost Data on Common Auto Parts and Associated Labor

At, we’re always looking give our customers added value. Aside from affordable auto parts, our team of auto component specialists recently compiled informative, easy-to-use cost pages for 14 common auto parts. Ranging from A/C compressors to wheel hubs, these pages offer comprehensive price analysis, labor estimates, OEM part numbers, and other useful information.

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