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20 Things You Should Keep In Your Car This Winter.

Have you winterized your car? Snow tires, fresh oil change, fluid refills, battery checks – they’re all important, no doubt about it. But have you really winterized your car?

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What should you do if your brakes fail?

Nobody ever thinks about their car’s brakes. It’s just one of those functions we take for granted. Press the pedal, slow down, stop. Repeat as necessary. Pretty simple, right?

Yep, the whole process is as simple as it gets – until the brakes stop working. Brake failure is one of the most common causes of road accidents, immediately behind steering and tire problems. How brakes fail is due to many factors: negligence, road hazards, or maybe a small issue that quickly becomes a big problem.

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The Scary Truth about Dogs in Hot Cars, and What Lawmakers are Doing about It

During the summer, it’s difficult to see stories in the news about children being left in hot cars. Another frequent and similarly distressing event is when dogs are likewise abandoned. How long does a dog have to live in sweltering car with the windows rolled up and no fresh air to breathe? And what legal ramifications, if any, are currently on the books? Let’s take a look at the issue.

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Five Vehicle Fluids to Check Before Your Roadtrip

Your plans are in place. You’re all packed and ready to go. Vacation or some other fun destination is almost here – you just have to get there. Everybody’s anxious to leave. You’re ready. Everyone else is ready. But is your car ready?

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Categories: Car Fun| Car Safety| Travel

Foggy Headlights? We Can Help with That

Cloudy or foggy headlights aren’t just a cosmetic problem for your car. Sure, they look bad – especially when just one headlight looks “off.” Aside from the appearance, foggy headlights are also a hazard waiting to happen.

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Categories: Car Safety| HowTo

Ready to DIY? Shocks and Struts Edition

Do-it-yourself projects can save a ton of money. When your hear about those DIY types, you’re probably thinking about home improvement projects – adding insulation to the attic, putting up fencing around the yard, installing a water heater, things like that. Who needs an “expert” handyman when many tasks can be done by you?

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Categories: Car Safety| HowTo| Suspension

Are You Sure You're Using the Best Car Suspension Parts for Your Vehicle?

Do you avoid potholes at all costs? Is a speed bump something that keeps your car bouncing, even after what seems like miles afterwards? Are you constantly swerving to avoid the smallest ruts or bumps on the road? If so, it might be a good time to evaluate your car’s suspension system. By replacing worn or outdated parts, you’ll enjoy a much smoother ride – and your car will thank you for it. And so will those other drivers, as you’ll no longer need to swerve & dodge every rut & ridge on the road!

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Categories: Car Safety| Suspension

Five Reasons Your Steering Wheel Shakes

A shaky steering wheel can be incredibly frustrating when you’re trying to get from one place to another in your car. While it may seem like a simple annoyance, a shaking steering wheel can indicate a variety of serious issues that need to be handled promptly. While the most common culprits of a shaky steering wheel are your tires, a couple other issues could be contributing to or be solely responsible for that obnoxious steering wheel shake. Here are the five most common reasons why your steering wheel is shaking.

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Categories: Car Safety| Steering

Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Strut Assembly Repair

Always replace your entire strut assembly at one time—the suggestion of replacing the individual parts of your strut assembly might be the worst advice we’ve heard in a while. This well-intentioned advice seems to come primarily from those whose want to save money now as opposed to later. A simple rule of thumb is that if the struts or coil springs are being replaced because of age or wear, then also replace the mounts. A worn or damaged part of your strut assembly can cause a variety of symptoms so they should be inspected by a qualified technician before repairs begin. This means a disassembly of the entire strut and spring assembly is required to remove and replace the failing part. Therefore replacing all worn components at the same time could save you from doing the work a second time.

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Categories: Car Safety| Suspension

Why a New Steering Gearbox Will Save Your Life

If you know what a steering gearbox is and what it does then go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. Most people just know that the steering wheel is what you use to control your vehicle’s steering and have no idea what is under the hood. Well, what many of you don’t know is the steering gear box is an essential piece of the steering system in the vehicles it appears in. Since this part is under the hood, you might have no idea something is wrong with it. Given the importance of this part to one of the most important functions of a vehicle, maintaining the steering gearbox in a good condition is vital to the safety of your driving experience.

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Categories: Car Safety| Steering