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The High Performance Parts Holy Grail Shortlist

Are you getting the most out of your car’s performance? Whether it’s better gas mileage, increased horsepower or overall better engine efficiency, there’s always something that could use improvement. Aside from handing over your car to a master mechanic for a complete overhaul, the next-best way to optimize your car is to consider performance auto parts.

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Virtual Windshields

Now, I know I am really smart guy, but I am not the first person to think up this brilliant idea. Car companies and tech startups having been toying around with different ways to best use car windshields in outside of the box ways.

Currently, some cars display the MPH and fuel data on the windshield right above the steering wheel. This allows the driver to keep their head up while driving. Its safer then looking down to make sure they are driving within the speed limits.

Other companies have tied in GPS directions into the window screen. Checkout the whole blog entry to see some videos of this technology in action.

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Should Race Car Drivers Be Considered Athletes

Retired NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb recently riled up the racing and automotive communities by declaring that professional race car drivers should not be considered athletes because they “just sit there and drive”. During a Fox Sports Live debate about the world's most dominant athletes, McNabb was asked if he considered Jimmie Johnson worthy of the award. His answer is what sparked controversy because he went on to attack all race car drivers by stating they are not athletes.

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The Speed Channel, Gone Forever

Every car enthusiast loves fast cars, it is an integral part of the fascination we all have in these man-made machines. Recently, the multi-billion dollar media giant, Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. decided to cut out their television channel built around the love for fast cars; The Speed Channel.

What happened?

The Speed Channel was simply the victim of a large corporation’s decision to cut out something they thought was going to fail. The Speed Channel was acquired by Fox in 2001 after a very successful first six years on television after its inception in 1995. After that point, the channel still managed to be successful in what Fox described was an industry that at the time was geared towards quantity more than quality. During the late part of the 00’s the general public seemed to enjoy channels that were geared towards more specific programming but now, Fox feels that this trend is changing to quality over quantity.

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Is NASCAR a Sport?

Many people debate about whether or not NASCAR is a sport. Die hard NASCAR fans would agree that there’s a certain level of sportsmanship involved in auto racing, however people more interested in traditional sports think otherwise.

The biggest argument between NASCAR fans and non-fans is that being a NASCAR driver doesn’t require one to be an athlete. It’s insinuated that anyone can be a racecar driver with practice, since it’s only driving around a track numerous times.

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