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The Difference Between Shocks & Struts

While they mostly do the same job and the words are often used interchangeably, shocks and struts refer to two vastly different suspension designs. You cannot use a shock absorber in the place of a strut, and vice versa. This can naturally lead to some confusion when trying to order the correct parts for your car, especially since many cars use struts for the front and shocks for the rear.

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Is Your Mercedes AirMatic Suspension Sagging or Compressor Seized?

As your Mercedes ages, the AirMatic suspension system can develop malfunctions that are almost always accompanied by a hefty repair bills at the dealer.

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Problems with the Z55 Autoride Suspension in 2000-2014 GM Trucks

On many of GM’s larger trucks there was an optional Z55 suspension package available. Autoride is GM's trademark name for their automatic load-leveling suspension and computer controlled shock system. The Autoride system provides for a great ride, but when the system fails it can leave a big hole in your pocketbook. offers brand-new passive replacement shock absorbers for Z55 equipped GM trucks that will maintain ride quality and handling at a much lower cost.

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1998 – 2004 Audi and Volkswagen Control Arm and Ball Joint Failure

With such a complex suspension, repairs are often difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Many A4, A5, Allroad, and Passat owners will try to save money by only replacing the single control arm which exhibits the most wear. But this rarely, if ever, restores the stability of the entire suspension and many of our customers become discouraged when the symptoms of a worn suspension persist.

10 Myths About Shocks and Struts

Do you think you know everything about shocks and struts? If you answer “no,” you’re not alone. These parts rate as some of the most often-misunderstood car components on the market. And it’s not just the average person who doesn’t grasp shocks and struts. There have been many cases where professional mechanics and car repair specialists have detected a shock or strut problem, only to discover later that another culprit is responsible.

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Ready to DIY? Shocks and Struts Edition

Do-it-yourself projects can save a ton of money. When your hear about those DIY types, you’re probably thinking about home improvement projects – adding insulation to the attic, putting up fencing around the yard, installing a water heater, things like that. Who needs an “expert” handyman when many tasks can be done by you?

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Are You Sure You're Using the Best Car Suspension Parts for Your Vehicle?

Do you avoid potholes at all costs? Is a speed bump something that keeps your car bouncing, even after what seems like miles afterwards? Are you constantly swerving to avoid the smallest ruts or bumps on the road? If so, it might be a good time to evaluate your car’s suspension system. By replacing worn or outdated parts, you’ll enjoy a much smoother ride – and your car will thank you for it. And so will those other drivers, as you’ll no longer need to swerve & dodge every rut & ridge on the road!

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Five Important Factors to Consider When Calculating Strut Replacement

Having to replace your struts can be a nuisance. Many think holding off on this repair is not that big of a deal; the good ole “my car will be fine” reasoning. Well if you want good advice, I would avoid that train of thought like the plague! Just because you have to replace your struts does not mean you have to break the bank, there are plenty of ways to save. Read our five important factors to consider when calculating strut replacement to help you save!

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Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Strut Assembly Repair

Always replace your entire strut assembly at one time—the suggestion of replacing the individual parts of your strut assembly might be the worst advice we’ve heard in a while. This well-intentioned advice seems to come primarily from those whose want to save money now as opposed to later. A simple rule of thumb is that if the struts or coil springs are being replaced because of age or wear, then also replace the mounts. A worn or damaged part of your strut assembly can cause a variety of symptoms so they should be inspected by a qualified technician before repairs begin. This means a disassembly of the entire strut and spring assembly is required to remove and replace the failing part. Therefore replacing all worn components at the same time could save you from doing the work a second time.

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Best Shock Absorber Tips to Get the Most Bang for your Buck

There are thousands shock absorbers being offered by many different companies today. This article will go over the best shock absorber tips to get the most bang for your buck. It can be confusing with the many different options available. The way the shocks are designed will lead to a difference in ride and handling of a vehicle. These tips will help you wade through the options and help you find the best shock absorbers without breaking the bank.

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