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  • 4 Common Power Steering Problems – And How to Fix Them

    January 26,2016

    The highest-rated tires, latest engine upgrades and high-performance auto accessories mean nothing without proper, safe steering. Your car’s power steering is the one sub-system of your automobile that you’re quite literally always in touch with.

  • Why Are Superchargers So Expensive? Find Affordable Superchargers at

    January 20,2016

    cheap supercharger

    Superchargers are one of the best ways to increase your engine’s horsepower and performance. Unlike turbochargers, which are powered by exhaust gases, superchargers are driven directly by the engine. That’s one reason superchargers tend to be more expensive than turbochargers.

  • 5 Fast Cars That Are More Affordable Than You Think

    January 13,2016

    2015 Mustang GT

    Horsepower isn’t cheap. After a certain point – usually around 200 HP – it gets super expensive. For those who desire a little extra something under the hood, finding fast cars isn’t a big deal.

  • CEO Visits 2016 San Diego International Auto Show

    January 8,2016

    I had the chance to attend the San Diego International Auto Show this week. There was a very good turnout from both the car manufacturers and the public. This is not suprising since 2015 was a record year for car sales.

    Read the blog post for some observations on trends I noticed.

  • How To Bleed Your Brakes Like A Pro

    January 7,2016


    In order to ensure your brakes work properly, all air must be purged out of the system. The term for this process is “bleeding” – you’re basically bleeding out all of the air. A strong, sure-footed braking response isn’t the only benefit; it’s also much safer, too.

  • 2016 Models We’re Pretty Revved Up About

    December 30,2015

    2016 Cars_Honda

    2016 is already upon us and it’s time to be upping your new year, new you game. For auto enthusiasts like us (and probably you, too), the New Year means an opportunity to revel in the exciting new model releases.

  • Top 5 Car Shows to Binge Watch this Weekend

    December 22,2015

    Top Gear

    With cable and satellite TV packages offering more programming options than ever before, figuring out what to watch can be overwhelming. Aside from the local channels and maybe a few other stations you regularly watch, most of the offerings up in the hundreds are certainly hit or miss.

  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Brake Repairs Infographic

    December 17,2015

    brake repair

    Brake repairs & replacements are one of the smartest, safest things you can do for your car. We’ve put together this “cheat sheet” to help you diagnose & fix common brake problems.

  • 20 Things You Should Keep In Your Car This Winter.

    December 16,2015

    Have you winterized your car? Snow tires, fresh oil change, fluid refills, battery checks – they’re all important, no doubt about it. But have you really winterized your car?

  • How to Shop For Car Parts Online

    December 10,2015

    car parts online

    Online shopping has exploded in recent years. Name a product or service, and there’s a good bet it’s available online. Car parts & components are no exception; the variety of OEM and 3rd-party manufactured parts has grown from just a few thousand select products in the late 1990s to literally millions of components today.