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  • How Brake Failure Works

    December 2,2015

    brake failure

    How does brake failure work? To put it another way, what happens when your brakes don’t work? It’s an open-ended question for sure. Behind tire issues, brake failure is the most common cause of road accidents in the United States.

  • How to Prep Your Car for Winter

    November 25,2015

    Here’s a seasonal saying you don’t hear too often, but is still 100% accurate: winter is hell on your automobile. And that might be putting it mildly, because winter weather (for a large chunk of the country) is anything but mild.

  • What should you do if your brakes fail?

    November 19,2015

    Nobody ever thinks about their car’s brakes. It’s just one of those functions we take for granted. Press the pedal, slow down, stop. Repeat as necessary. Pretty simple, right?

    Yep, the whole process is as simple as it gets – until the brakes stop working. Brake failure is one of the most common causes of road accidents, immediately behind steering and tire problems. How brakes fail is due to many factors: negligence, road hazards, or maybe a small issue that quickly becomes a big problem.

  • And We Have a Winner! Announcing the Ultimate Gearhead Quiz Marathon Contest Champion

    October 8,2015

    Ultimate gearhead winner

    After 10 weeks, neck-and-neck competition, tough trivia questions and a serious display of classic auto IQ, the Ultimate Gearhead Quiz Marathon Contest has concluded.

  • Boosting Engine Performance Turbocharger Upgrades and Other Critical Areas to Focus On

    September 17,2015

    Ait Intake System

    With a general trend towards raising emissions standards both domestically and internationally, the consensus among automotive executives over the past few years has been to prioritize fuel efficiency over performance.

  • 3 Quick Tips for Buying the Most Affordable Auto Parts

    September 10,2015

    Auto Parts

    Whenever you purchase auto parts, does it seem like your budget’s already taken a huge hit? Do you cringe whenever you leave the auto parts store with a water pump, alternator, exhaust pipe or other components? Has the dreaded “labor” part of the mechanic’s bill taken a backseat to your parts expenses? It’s time you looked into why you’re spending so much, and come up with a better way to buy more affordable auto parts.

  • Labor Day: What You Didn't Know about Auto Repair Labor Rates

    September 3,2015

    Auto Labor Rates

    With Labor Day approaching, thoughts naturally turn toward backyard BBQs, the end of summer, insanely expensive car repair labor rates, another school year for the kids and autumn, which is suddenly right around the bend.

    OK, so Labor Day isn’t really about the ultra-pricy rates we pay for car repair labor – but now is a great time to review some things you might now know about the subject.

  • How to Save Money at the Mechanic's with Affordable Car Parts

    August 27,2015

    Car Parts

    If you’re not planning to do it yourself for your next car repair, you can still save money at your mechanic’s shop.

  • How Do I Keep My AC Cold? [Infographic]

    August 20,2015

    AC Infographic

    Air conditioning is like iced tea. Nobody ever said, “Wow, this lukewarm iced tea is awesome!” Same goes for your car’s AC system – it has to be cold. Tepid simply won’t cut it. With this in mind, we’ll review some ways to keep that AC air freezing (not quite see-your-breath cold, but darn close).

  • The Ultimate Buyers Guide of the Best Gifts for Mechanics

    August 19,2015

    kobalt grip pliers

    What’s in your toolbox? Do you need a big boost of function and a little “fun factor?” Sometimes, a new tool can bring a little joy back into working on your car. Much like the proverbial “kid on Christmas day,” even rough-and-tumble mechanics get excited with a new tool. Hey, we’re all kids at heart, right?