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Checking Your Tire Pressure On Your Car



5 Tips For Improving Your Gas Mileage


May 2, 2013 - Improving your gas mileage can help you save money on fuel expenses.  Some common things you do while driving can cause your car to guzzle gas. There are daily tasks you can perform to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your gas money.  Here are some valuable tips for improving your gas mileage.


Perform Routine Maintenance


Performing routine maintenance on your car can help improve the gas mileage.  Having the air filter and spark plugs replaced with services like a tune-up can drastically improve gas mileage.


Maintain Safe Speeds, and No Tailgating and Frequent, Sudden Braking


Driving at speeds more than 60 mph can decrease your gas mileage.  Tailgating can cause a situation where you’re frequently, suddenly hitting the breaks, which also decreases gas mileage.


Maintain Proper Tire Pressure, and Perform Tire Maintenance Regularly


Routinely check your car’s tire pressure to ensure that the pressure is at the level recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.  Also, regularly have tire maintenance such as alignment, balance, and rotations done on your car to improve gas mileage.


Don’t Overuse the Air Conditioning


A/C is definitely a must when it’s scorching outside, but don’t overuse it.  Bring the car to a cool temperature and set it to a lower setting, or turn it off completely to help save on gas mileage.


Remove Unnecessary Items and From the Trunk and Other Storage Areas


Driving around with extra weight inside the car increases gas mileage.  Remove items from the trunk that don’t have to be there to lighten up the weight on the car and save on gas mileage.



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