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New Year's Resolution: Make More Preventative Repairs


It’s a fresh start to a new year, and it’s time to turn a new leaf. No more procrastination on getting that weird noise coming from your engine checked out. It’s time to take care of things at the first sign of failure and making sure that maintenance checks are made no matter how big or small. Here’s to keeping your vehicle in check!


Here’s how to be ahead of the most common car failures.


Faulty Battery


At every service, be sure to check that the battery terminals have been cleaned and greased to protect against corrosion. Also make sure that all clamps and connections are secure.


Flat Tires


Check your handbook and adjust pressures as required at least once a month. Curb impact can damage the tire’s walls and possibly the rims as well. Be sure to also check the tread depth of your tires. Uneven wear can be the first sign of tire misalignment. Getting your wheels realigned can save you from getting new tires in the long run.


Timing Belts/Serpentine Belts


A lot of people will say to change out your belts every 40,000 to 60,000 miles, but be sure to check your owner’s manual for actual numbers. All manuals can be found online if you cannot find yours. Even if you do a visual check on your belts and can tell that they’re worn, it’s time to change them out. It’s better to do these preventative repairs before they fail. Related article: How to Change a Timing Belt


Alternator Problems


Dim headlights, failing electronics, and persistent battery problems is a major indicator of a faulty alternator. If you’re suspicious that your alternator may be failing, most local automotive retailers will provide free diagnostics to test voltage issues. Related Article: Symptoms of a Bad Alternator


Misfiring Spark Plugs


Make sure to replace your spark plugs at the recommended service intervals in your car manual. This can be a world of difference.


Streaky Windshield Wipers


This one seems impractical at first, but your windshield wipers are extremely important. Visibility on the road is important for your safety and others, so change out your wipers as soon as they become streaky. Avoid having to pay someone else to change them out—it only takes a few minutes out of your day to have fresh wipers for unexpected weather changes.