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4th Of July and Cars

There is no day more American than The 4th of July. Likewise, there is no product more American than the automobile. We invented the car, we perfected the car, and we introduced the rest of the world to cars. So, it is only natural that cars play such a big role in the celebration of…
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The Great Ocean Road

The opportunity to drive on the world’s most scenic roads is on every car enthusiast’s bucket list. The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia is a 151 mile stretch everyone needs to add to that bucket list. For one, the road is a national monument built to honor the veterans of World War I. The…
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Travel Apps That Will Save You This Thanksgiving

Whether you’re traveling to a relative’s or staying at home this Thanksgiving, you’ll have to deal with some sort of holiday traffic or commute. We know it’s a huge pain, and figured that smartphone apps always are so handy, making everyone’s lives easier. Here are some apps that you’ll definitely need this Thanksgiving and will…
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5 Road Trip Games For This Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is almost here! You know what that means: family, turkey, food, drinks, football, and for many of us, long road trips. Since the prices of holiday flights are the highest they have ever been, many of us have decided to hit the road and save ourselves some money on our Thanksgiving travels. The unfortunate…
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