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Buy Auto Parts: Auto Blog Holds a Blood Drive holds a Blood Drive

Thursday July 25th, held a blood drive with the American Red Cross. The event was a huge success as we had more than 30 employees donate blood. We originally had set a goal of 25 donors but we went above and beyond!

The American Red Cross recently issued an emergency request for blood donations and one of our pros here, Al, thought it would be a great cause to participate in so that we as a company can help save lives. When I asked Al what led him to help organize this event for he said that he used to help organize events in college and donated regularly. He is part of the American Red Cross’ gallon club and he understands how much of a positive impact a donation of blood can have on someone’s life. We’d like to give kudos to Al for bringing awareness to the cause and participating in the organization of the blood drive. In total, donated 26 pints of blood to the American Red Cross.

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