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The Lego Car is Awesome

It truly seems like you can build anything out of Legos these days. The Danish toy company hooks kids when they are young and curious and those who are most engaged in the art of the Lego grow up to build cars, out of Legos. This certainly must be what happened to Australian entrepreneur Steve Sammartino and Romanian technology enthusiast Raul Oaida, as they just built a working Lego car. The Lego car took about 18 months to build and is made up of 500,000 Lego pieces and is completely powered by air.

You might be asking if and how it actually works? The 500,000 piece car has hit up to 18 MPH on a mean suburban street of Melbourne and is operated by four air-powered engines and 256 pistons. Yes, the engines and pistons are made of Legos too.

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The Great Ocean Road

The opportunity to drive on the world’s most scenic roads is on every car enthusiast’s bucket list. The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia is a 151 mile stretch everyone needs to add to that bucket list. For one, the road is a national monument built to honor the veterans of World War I. The road was actually built by returned soldiers of World War I from 1919-1932. It is the world’s largest war memorial and an absolute must see if you are traveling to the giant continent country Australia. In addition, Victoria is a state in south-eastern Australia whose capital city is the internationally known metropolis Melbourne. Therefore, you know you will be close to a lively city when you fly in for the awesome drive.

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