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Automatic Link: A Smartphone Application that Helps You Take Care of Your Car

A San Francisco based start-up, Automatic Labs Incorporated, has created a wireless connector that connects into your car’s data port and acts as a smart link to your car’s data system that can be easily accessible through your smartphone through their application. The application has some really useful features and is available for only $69.95 and works for both iOS and Android smartphone operating systems.

Any car made after 1996 has an ODB-II port and a computer data system smart enough to connect to this application. The application uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology and energy-saving algorithms that are meant to minimize your phone’s battery consumption. The installation of the application with your car is easy; you simply plug in their Automatic Link into the ODB-II port and then you set it up via Bluetooth after you download the application on your smartphone. The application’s main goal is to improve a driver’s experience, and their ingenious way of doing so is really creative and modern. At the moment the application and its link are on pre-sale for a September date and below I will list some of its features.

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