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Finally, Tesla Recalls 29,222 Vehicles Over Fire Risk

Over the last few months, Tesla Motors has been under the public eye due to the increasing number of car fires from the company’s charging system. Up until yesterday, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has refused to recall neither the Model S nor the charging system, stating that the small percentage of fires did not justify a recall. Finally, after months of scrutiny, Tesla has issued a recall on the Model S vehicle chargers due to fire-related safety hazards...

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Self-Driving Cars

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk recently made headlines (once again) by telling London’s Financial Times that Tesla should be able to provide a near driverless experience for 90% of the time a car is on the road by 2016. This is the future. Remember those flying cars and everything else in those fictional books and TV shows we read or watched when we were little? Well, this would be one of the biggest advancements in technology that takes a step toward those fictional cars we all expected would be here by now. Sure, Elon Musk may be seen by half of the United States as a crazy entrepreneur who just wants to ruin the traditional system, but in the eyes of many, he is a real life Tony Stark (Iron Man): an inspired billionaire with a cause. If Elon Musk says something, people listen because he has consistently proven doubters wrong in the past and with all the success Tesla has had recently, he has the team behind him to accomplish such a feat.

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The 10 Most Influential People Currently in the Auto Industry

With automobiles being among one of the most important necessities for consumers today, it’s important to take the time out to recognize some of the people who have done big things in the automobile industry. A great magnitude of work goes into the concepts, technology, and development of the cars we drive, so here we’ll recognize 10 of the most influential people currently in the auto industry.

The following 10 people are involved with various entities of the auto or transportation industry, and are responsible for making the decisions necessary to make our overall driving experience safe, comfortable, modern, and visually appealing. Some of them are CEOs, Presidents, and Chairmen of popular auto corporations, and others are responsible for the overall design and curb appeal.

Without the hard work of these individuals along with many others, we wouldn’t have the reliable vehicles we trust to get us back and forth every day. Many auto industry leaders receive very little recognition for their hard work. Here are 10 of the most influential people currently in the auto industry.

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