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5 Fast Cars That Are More Affordable Than You Think

Horsepower isn’t cheap. After a certain point – usually around 200 HP – it gets super expensive. For those who desire a little extra something under the hood, finding fast cars isn’t a big deal.

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The Best 2015 Car Models

As 2014 wraps up, we all like to take a moment to reminisce on the year that was. What better way for us to help you do this than to compile a list of our favorite 2015 car models that were introduced during the great year of 2014. Below is a list of our favorite 2015 models in five different categories; pickup truck, sedan, luxury vehicle, electric, and muscle cars.

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World Cup Car Commercials

As I am sure you know by now, The World Cup starts tomorrow. It is the largest sporting event in the world. Or, perhaps you do not know because you are most likely American and Merica don’t care bout no soccer.

Since it is the largest sports event in the world that means it will have billions of eyeballs glued to the television. Each set of eyes belonging to a single fan, hoping, dreaming, and praying their country will be able to hoist the trophy at the end of the month long tournament.

This event could not be more pure. Unlike regular soccer leagues around the world, the teams in The World Cup do not wear sponsor’s names across their chests. The name they bare is that of their country.

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