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The Cars of Breaking Bad

For the few who are unaware of this unique drama series, AMC’s Breaking Bad is about a lung cancer-stricken high school chemistry teacher who goes deep into the business of cooking and selling meth. The show’s 5th season “Part Two” is premiering this Sunday, after a year-long hiatus, and it only seemed appropriate to highlight the awesome cars that are on the show. None of these cars are spectacular in any way (it’s not like Walter White is rolling around in an Audi shooting up gangsters), but then again none of them are remotely boring either. The cars appear to be singularly picked to match their respective owners and are the perfect accessory to enhance the deep-seeded darkness of each character.

Walter White’s Pontiac Aztek

This car is in no way very popular, we even wrote an article about it earlier this week about how it’s one of the “3 Most Hated American Cars”.

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