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The Homer Car Meets Its Creator

It started shortly after we finished our last race. After our car became a hit on the internet, Matt Groening's (the creator of The Simpsons) people contacted us and said that he loved the car and wanted to see it in person.

Finally, the day came when we took the car to the Fox Studios. The public is never allowed into the Fox Studios, and they said they have turned down other real race car drivers and their cars for PR opportunities. Going through all the procedures and guidelines they set up for our visit, it was clear that this was a rare invite. Matt and his people really went out of their way to get us there. They actually blocked off a whole block in front of the Gracie Films bungalow for us. When we pulled up in the car there were dozens of spectators and multiple camera crews waiting for us. The experience was totally surreal. Apparently they had sent out a studio wide email inviting people to see "The Homer" for real.

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