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1998 – 2004 Audi and Volkswagen Control Arm and Ball Joint Failure

With such a complex suspension, repairs are often difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Many A4, A5, Allroad, and Passat owners will try to save money by only replacing the single control arm which exhibits the most wear. But this rarely, if ever, restores the stability of the entire suspension and many of our customers become discouraged when the symptoms of a worn suspension persist.

BMW Unveils Tesla Competitor

Following the lead of the entrepreneurial and innovative Tesla, BMW, the German luxury car maker, unveiled its first mass produced electric vehicle this past Monday. In all honesty, the BMW i3 is nowhere close to Tesla in terms of luxury design. The i3 in my opinion is not very good looking, no offense BMW. But it is a luxury car makers attempt at replicating what Tesla has been able to do so well; mix electric with luxury. In BMWs defense, the i3 is not a high price item, it is going to be sold in Germany starting at 34,950 Euros which is about $46,000 here in the states. You can’t find a Tesla for that price.

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