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Common Types of Diesel Injector Failure on the 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Engine

One of the most common points of trouble and a common source of reliability complaints with the 6.0l Ford Powerstroke Diesel is the failure of the diesel injectors. These injectors drive diesel fuel into the cylinder where it is oxidized and ignited, creating the legendary earth-moving power the Ford Powerstroke is known for.

2002-2008 Subaru Turbocharger Failure

Even cars with a meticulous oil-change history are not immune to turbocharger oil starvation as fresh oil alone is not enough to prevent it. Most of the failures we see are because oil starvation when the banjo bolt filter clogs and cuts off lubrication. Eventually, the turbo will fail and cause severe damage within the intake tract of your motor.

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Why Are Superchargers So Expensive? Find Affordable Superchargers at

Superchargers are one of the best ways to increase your engine’s horsepower and performance. Unlike turbochargers, which are powered by exhaust gases, superchargers are driven directly by the engine. That’s one reason superchargers tend to be more expensive than turbochargers.

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How to Shop For Car Parts Online

Online shopping has exploded in recent years. Name a product or service, and there’s a good bet it’s available online. Car parts & components are no exception; the variety of OEM and 3rd-party manufactured parts has grown from just a few thousand select products in the late 1990s to literally millions of components today.

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Aftermarket Parts Gain Ground on OEM Parts in Collision Repair

According to recent declarations from the executive vice president of CCC Information systems, the automotive collision industry is increasingly sourcing its parts from the aftermarket. CCC Information Systems is an industry leading information systems company which supplies automobile claims information, processing services, claims management software, and many other high tech solutions to repairers, insurance carriers and parts suppliers.

This trend is a clear indication of consumer confidence in aftermarket parts and their much more affordable prices. Dickens stated there has been a 5.5% increase in aftermarket parts year over year in the collision repair industry.

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Categories: Car News is Proud to Carry Gabriel Parts is proud to announce we now carry Gabriel Parts at unbeatable prices. Gabriel is an American manufacturer of aftermarket and original equipment parts for heavy- and light-duty vehicles. They specialize in the production of high-performance shock absorbers and struts, and the brand is well known to high quality parts enthusiasts. Every car person knows how important shocks and struts are to ride quality, and adding Gabriel parts to our arsenal of quality suspension parts is a great thing for all our customers!

The company was established by Claud H. Foster in the early 1900s. In 1907, Foster developed the Snubber, the first automotive shock absorber in America. Gabriel went on to introduce the first hydraulic shock absorber in 1918 and began manufacturing shocks for heavy duty trucks in the 1950s. In 1967, the first air-adjustable shock absorber was released. The company started manufacturing struts in the early 1980s.

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