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The 2016 Honda Civic Turbo represents a major change for an established platform. This is the first Civic ever offered in factory trim that also features a boosted engine of any kind. Previous versions of turbocharged or supercharged Civics were only achieved through the aftermarket or Honda’s race teams. This is, in fact, only the second try Honda has made at equipping a production model with a turbocharger, the first being the Acura RDX (more on that from the perspective of a parts professional later). Being only their second attempt, the stats aren’t unimpressive: 174 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque and 15.3 second quarter mile out of a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine

  • Critical flaws in otherwise reliable cars

    May 24,2016

    Here at BuyAutoParts.com we've heard all the horror stories when it comes to major flaws in vehicles. We are commonly contacted by our customers for our expertise and for help getting their replacement part when they need it most. The vehicles on this list were generally great cars, except for their one major flaw. Unfortunately for anyone who encountered the respective flaw in these vehicles, it likely ruined the car for them...

  • How to Replace Your Struts

    February 23,2016

    replace struts

    Strut failure rarely happens all at once; you usually have some miles to figure out what’s wrong. But you have to pay attention!

  • Is it Time to Change Your Diesel Fuel Injection Pump?

    February 16,2016

    Diesel Fuel Injection Pump

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    How Dangerous Is The Porsche Carrera GT, Really?

    Due to the recent tragic car accident that killed Paul Walker, the Porsche Carrera GT has gotten a lot of heat for being a “dangerous” car. Apparently, famed Porsche test driver Walter Rohrl called the car, “the most dangerous car on the road”. So how dangerous is this car, really?

    Given that the car is the ultimate Porsche supercar, it takes a lot of willpower to deny yourself the satisfaction of flooring the gas pedal and taking off into the sunset. So, common sense states that the responsibility of safe driving lies in the hands of the person behind the wheel, rather than the vehicle itself. Car manufacturers have to test and retest their vehicles to meet specific road safety standards to keep its passengers, and drivers around them, safe before its cars ever make it onto the production lineup...