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What to do if you are in a car accident

It’s a touchy subject, but everyone should know what steps to take after they have been in a car accident. Many times it is those moments of anxiety and panic that occur shortly after an accident that can make a bad situation worse.

After the initial shock of comprehending what just happened, take some time to make sure you keep calm. Now is not the time to lose your cool and start freaking out, whether the accident is your fault or not, calm minds prevail.

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Cyclists vs. Motorists

Call me a pessimist, but one has to admit that there is an awful lot of bad tension between cyclists and motorists these days. The motorist will complain of the cyclist always being in the way, not abiding by the rules of the road and consistently putting themselves in the way of danger. A cyclist will complain of the motorist as being insensitive, not respecting their right to the road and using their more heavy and powerful form of transportation to bully a cyclist off the road. Despite these tensions, the two must coexist and to do so, automakers are working on technology to help the motorist be more alert of the cyclist.

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How The Government Shutdown Affects The Automotive Industry

As I am sure most of you know by now, our government shut down at midnight last night due to our elected officials not agreeing on how to fund the government. The last time this happened in 1995, the government was shut down for 21 days. If this government shutdown lasts as long as the one in 1995 we will start seeing larger effects into different parts of our lives. In this entry, I will go ahead and explain some of the ways the automotive industry might be affected.

The automotive industry depends on the federal government to provide many regulations that consumers use in purchasing decisions. Regulation is very important, the longer this shutdown drags on, the longer the industry will go without important regulations such as fuel economy certification, federal safety recalls, and crash tests. Experts also speculate that if this goes on for too long, the lack of these regulations or the backlog of these tests, could lead to consumer distrust, which might cause car sales to slow.

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