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Where Have All The Small Trucks Gone?

Remember the days of small trucks? The Chevrolet S10, The Ford ranger, The Dodge Dakota, even Toyota’s Tacoma used to be small in the 1990s (The Tacoma now looks like it took a few cycles of steroids and is almost as big as the Sequoia.) These trucks were extremely popular back in the day. So, what happened from then until now which caused these smaller trucks to go the way of the dinosaurs?
In the early 2000s gas got a little cheaper, so people were more willing to buy the bigger, heavier, less fuel efficient trucks. However, the biggest thing that killed the little trucks were their big brothers. A lot of customers would simply pay a little more to upgrade to the bigger option. The cost of buying the small Chevrolet Canyon compared to the bigger Silverado was only a couple grand. Dealers said the two cars were priced too similarly. Both of these things lead to a small truck market collapse 15 years ago.

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