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10 Myths About Shocks and Struts

Do you think you know everything about shocks and struts? If you answer “no,” you’re not alone. These parts rate as some of the most often-misunderstood car components on the market. And it’s not just the average person who doesn’t grasp shocks and struts. There have been many cases where professional mechanics and car repair specialists have detected a shock or strut problem, only to discover later that another culprit is responsible.

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5 MORE Common Car Myths Busted

Everyone has heard some sort of car myth, from somebody who swears by its validity. But this advice is usually given to you by some kooky aunt or overbearing neighbor, and you’re never really sure what to trust is actually true. A car is a pretty big investment, and you want to try to keep it running for as long as possible right? Well, here are five common car myths have we’ve debunked, just for you. Trust us, we’re car experts...

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