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The Homer Car

Designed by Homer Simpson built by a Buy Auto Parts employee!

“Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” is one of the most classic episodes of The Simpsons. Homer discovers a long lost brother named Herb whom owns Powell Motors. The large car company is looking for the next top selling model so his Herb entrust Homer, the average American man, to come up with the design. In the end of the episode the car is revealed to horrifying reactions and reviews, sending Powell Motors into bankruptcy.

Sadly, the car was so over the top that it could only exist in cartoon form. No one in real life would build a car with a roof mounted giant chrome horn, giant cup holders on the outside, a bowling trophy hood ornament, roof mounted giant chrome horn, and a bubble to place your screaming kids. Yes, the idea of creating this car seemed impossible, but that didn’t stop Scott, our steering parts specialist, from accomplishing the task.

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