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Top 10 James Bond Cars of All-Time

Agent 007 isn’t your typical car enthusiast. For one, he travels a lot more than most. The most beautiful women are always hanging around Mr. Bond and he always delivers the perfect throwaway line after saving the world, deadpan humor and all. He really is the most interesting man in the world (sorry, beer commercial guy).

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Virtual Windshields

Now, I know I am really smart guy, but I am not the first person to think up this brilliant idea. Car companies and tech startups having been toying around with different ways to best use car windshields in outside of the box ways.

Currently, some cars display the MPH and fuel data on the windshield right above the steering wheel. This allows the driver to keep their head up while driving. Its safer then looking down to make sure they are driving within the speed limits.

Other companies have tied in GPS directions into the window screen. Checkout the whole blog entry to see some videos of this technology in action.

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