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Problems with 1997-2006 Jeep TJ Wrangler Power Steering Box

Now, more than 20 years after the first one rolled off the assembly line, one of the biggest issues that many owners have is with the Jeep TJ Wrangler power steering box. But while many of them now sport oversized and aggressive rubber, the TJ Wrangler was originally equipped with comparatively smaller 205/75R15 tires. The increased resistance from bigger, wider tires means the TJ Wrangler’s power steering box that has already seen years of abuse has to work even harder as it tries to muscle the front wheels from side to side. This increased wear on an old power steering box assembly and power steering pump causes dead spots in the steering travel and can eventually lead to the complete failure of the power steering system.

Car Trends That Need To End Immediately

Headlight Lashes

I don’t know where and when this trend started, but it has taken over. As a female, I’m not sure why my fellow ladies have happily handed over their money to invest in these hideous car lashes. I’ve noticed that there has been a recent outbreak of this epidemic in San Diego – and I blame it on LivingSocial’s sweet deal.

Family Rear Window Decals

I can guarantee that you’ve seen this posted on some sort of mini-van or SUV. I guess people like showing off how many people and dogs and cats and birds they have in their family. But do you really need to display it for all to see? One time I was driving behind a van with a decal of one lady and a slew of 8 cats trailing her. To top that off, the saddest instance I’ve seen was a family of 4 that HAD two dogs. The dogs had X’s through them, indicating that they had died. I’d really prefer to be spared from these depressing details while I’m driving.

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