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Saving Money on Gas the EASY Way

We’re living in a time where gas prices appear to skyrocket, and we’re left asking ourselves whether or not we should create a bomb shelter just to store gas tanks like we’re preparing for an apocalyptic disaster. That or consider driving a Prius (my last resort). But don’t let the hole in your wallet get you down; we’ve come up with some quick tips on resisting the inevitable --without the hoarding.

Pay Cash

Gas stations around the country now are discounting gas prices if you pay with cash. The reasoning behind is that merchants are forced to pay fees to credit card companies for every credit card purchase. If a customer pays with cash, the merchant can avoid this fee. The gas station can save more money even if they discount for their cash customers. Typically discounts are around $0.10 per gallon. This is a quick fix if you’re trying to save a couple of bucks, without having to do much work at all.

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