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Uber Is Pissing Everyone Off

This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned Uber on our blog, but we’ve mostly had very good things to say about this ride-sharing service. Recently however, Uber has received plenty of bad press from customer complaints about surprise “peak time” surcharges to their legal battles with government regulations to their questionable tactics against other ride-sharing competitors. Now, their drama has crossed overseas.

Taxi drivers in London are planning on protesting Uber by clogging the city streets in early June. Apparently, private drivers are not legally allowed to have meters in their cars in the United Kingdom, and everything that the Uber application provides for their drivers outwardly defies those laws by calculating distance and fares via a smartphone’s GPS. But since all business is conducted through a smart phone, and not a physical meter, the government has chosen to take no action because they do not view Uber’s app as unlawful...

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