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Delphi AC compressor

Delphi AC Compressors - Quality, Selection and Value

Delphi AC compressors fit a wide selection of cars and trucks. Known for their dependable performance and outstanding value, Delphi AC compressors from are designed to meet & exceed the original factory component. For summertime driving, your AC system is critical for driver and passenger comfort.

The AC compressor is just one of many air conditioning accessories. It works in sync with the evaporator, accumulator-drier, condenser and expansion device to distribute cool air throughout your car. And the compressor probably has the most critical job of any AC part. It takes low-pressure refrigerant from the evaporator, "compresses" the gas accordingly, and then sends the newly pressurized gas to the evaporator. It's the ultimate "middle man," and when it goes bad, overall AC efficiency suffers.

When something goes wrong with your AC system - and something inevitably will, especially with older cars - the default response is, "How much will this cost?" or "It's something I probably can't afford." empowers DIY mechanics just like you with high-quality, low-cost parts. If you think your AC compressor troubles are out of your price range, think again.

Your automobile's AC compressor is one of the most vital components in the entire AC system. When your compressor starts to go bad, any number of signs and symptoms are possible. For one, your car's air conditioning system may "freeze up." This is when the air vents form ice particles. Another common symptom of a bad AC compressor is system-wide failure; the AC system simply does not blow cold air.

In order to give you the resources and information available for a seamless DIY Delphi compressor installation, our AC experts have created an online AC Compressor Installation Guide, with plenty of guidance and how-to tips. Our goal is to provide consumers like you with the know-how and step-by-step instruction to make your purchase and installation hassle-free.

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If your car accommodates a Delphi compressor replacement and your AC system isn't working, it may be time to swap out your old compressor with a new one. With our ultra-easy ordering interface, you can select the right Delphi air conditioning compressor in no time at all.

Plus, every Delphi AC compressor from includes our Guaranteed Exact Fit promise. Your new compressor will fit exactly like the component it is replacing. If not, we'll refund your money. We also offer a limited 1-year warranty for all Delphi AC compressors. Not many companies stand by their products with this level of confidence. That's because we test each Delphi AC compressor with rigorous quality checks throughout the entire manufacturing process.

And don't forget our fast, reliable shipping. Any order over $99 is eligible for free ground shipping in the U.S. We have interconnected warehouses all over the country, and this auto parts network means you're assured of on-time delivery with your Delphi AC Compressor. Take advantage of the BAP network - purchase your next Delphi compressor from us!