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Zexel Parts

Zexel, a Japanese car-parts producer, was established in 1939 as Diesel Kiki Company Limited. The firm initially manufactured fuel-injection pumps for diesel engines under a Bosch license. It was in 1990 that the company got its current name, Zexel. The firm's major shares were bought by Robert Bosch GmbH, and Zexel is now recognized as a Bosch brand. Bosch is one of the chief suppliers of automotive parts with a widespread network across the world.

The current range of Zexel parts for diesel engines includes inline pumps, distributor pumps, nozzles and nozzle holders. Inline pumps consist of injection cylinders arranged in a line, which are driven by the camshaft. These cylinders together inject different amounts of fuel into the engine to produce various levels of output power. Zexel's line of inline pumps are available in PE (S) - A, AD, PE (S) - P, PD, PE (S) – K, PE (S) - Z, ZW, HD – TICS, MD – TICS, PF and PFR designs. Diesel inline pumps are now commonly found in large trucks. Distributor pumps employ a single injection cylinder operated by an axial cam plate. The fuel from the cylinder is sent to the fuel lines by means of a rotary distribution valve. The brand's distributor pumps are available in VE, VRZ, COVEC-F and COVEC-T models.

Zexel Car Parts

The nozzle is a part of the fuel injector through which fuel is sprayed into the engine cylinders. Zexel's nozzles are efficient in spraying a fine mist of fuel and meet the needs of the present day fuel injection requirements. DN-Type and DLL-Type nozzles are manufactured by the company. In addition to these products, the company also sells nozzle holders in designs such as the DN-S Type, DN-PD Type, DLL-S Type and DLLA-P Type.

Replacing parts in an automobile can sometimes be difficult as you may be unsure of the correct fit. In addition, there are numerous options available in the market. While buying parts at, you need not have to worry about fitting issues, as we will find the appropriate match for your automobile. is pleased to fulfill the needs of aftermarket customers with Zexel parts and accessories. Zexel parts are the choicest pick for your vehicle if you are looking for parts that are of high-quality and priced affordably. Installing Zexel diesel components into your engine will give you an ideal performance and efficiency. With Bosch being a world-renowned manufacturer of top-quality automotive parts, Bosch-owned Zexel components are also meant to provide high quality and durability. Zexel's line of parts covers the requirements of older vehicles while meeting the needs of newer automobiles.

Replace your faulty diesel part with one of Zexel's parts from at the earliest. We offer assistance before, during and after your purchase. Keeping our customers satisfied is our foremost priority. We understand that auto-part requirements are immediate, and we deliver parts as soon as possible since we have warehouses all across the country.