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1982 Mercury LN7

Fits: Rear

Part #: 75-20391 AN


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Part Number: 75-20391 AN
1982 Mercury LN7 Strut
Fits: Rear
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1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty
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Also Guaranteed to Fit Your 1982 Mercury LN7
About this item

This part fits the left or right side of the vehicle.

Technical Specifications
Specification Description
Part Type Strut
Part Number 75-20391 AN
Brand BuyAutoParts
Model Number 75-20391AN
Condition BuyAutoParts New
Fit Type EXACT
Warranty FREE 1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty (Call for Extended Warranties)
Weight 8 Pounds
Box Dimensions Height: 6.00"
Length: 26.00"
Width: 6.00"
OEM Cross Reference
E1FZ 18125-E E1FZ 18125-J E1FZ 18125-K E1FZ18125E E1FZ18125J
E1FZ18125K E2FZ 18125-A E2FZ 18125-B E2FZ 18125-C E2FZ 18125-D
E2FZ18125A E2FZ18125B E2FZ18125C E2FZ18125D E3FZ 18125-E
E3FZ 18125-F E3FZ 18125-G E3FZ 18125-H E3FZ 18125-J E3FZ 181258-H
E3FZ181258H E3FZ18125E E3FZ18125F E3FZ18125G E3FZ18125H
Click here for a full list +
E3FZ18125J E4FZ 18125-B E4FZ 18125-C E4FZ 18125-E E4FZ18125B
E4FZ18125C E4FZ18125E E6FZ 18125-A E6FZ 18125-C E6FZ 18125-D
E6FZ 18125-E E6FZ18125A E6FZ18125C E6FZ18125D E6FZ18125E
E6PZ 18125-A E6PZ18125A F7AZ 18125-NA F7AZ18125NA 75-20391AN
Anticipated Ship Time Parts will ship within 1 business day if order is placed before 7:30 PM EST
UPC 682895663098
Vehicle Fitment
Guaranteed Exact Fit for OEM #: E1FZ 18125-E, E1FZ 18125-J, E1FZ 18125-K, E1FZ18125E, E1FZ18125J, E1FZ18125K, E2FZ 18125-A, E2FZ 18125-B, E2FZ 18125-C, E2FZ 18125-D, E2FZ18125A, E2FZ18125B, E2FZ18125C, E2FZ18125D, E3FZ 18125-E, E3FZ 18125-F, E3FZ 18125-G, E3FZ 18125-H, E3FZ 18125-J, E3FZ 181258-H, E3FZ181258H, E3FZ18125E, E3FZ18125F, E3FZ18125G, E3FZ18125H, E3FZ18125J, E4FZ 18125-B, E4FZ 18125-C, E4FZ 18125-E, E4FZ18125B, E4FZ18125C, E4FZ18125E, E6FZ 18125-A, E6FZ 18125-C, E6FZ 18125-D, E6FZ 18125-E, E6FZ18125A, E6FZ18125C, E6FZ18125D, E6FZ18125E, E6PZ 18125-A, E6PZ18125A, F7AZ 18125-NA, F7AZ18125NA, 75-20391AN