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2003 Lexus GX470
A/C Compressor

Type: New BUYAUTOPARTS Compressor w/ Clutch
Fits: All Models

Part #: 60-00833 NA

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Part Number: 60-00833 NA
2003 Lexus GX470 A/C Compressor
Type: New BUYAUTOPARTS Compressor w/ Clutch
Fits: All Models
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About this item

This brand new AC Compressor is designed and manufactured to replace the original compressor from your vehicle. The compressor includes a new pre-installed clutch, coil, and pulley for easy installation - no need to remove and reuse the clutch assembly from your old compressor.

Our AC compressors are made to last using only the highest quality materials and precision manufacturing. They are guaranteed to fit and function with no modifications.

Our warranty requires replacement of the AC accumulator/drier because we know from years of experience that failure to replace the accumulator/drier when the AC system is opened will almost always result in the premature failure of the compressor. Save money and buy one of our AC installation kits!

Technical Specifications
Specification Description
Part Type A/C Compressor
Part Number 60-00833 NA
Brand BuyAutoParts
Model Number 60-00833NA
Condition New BuyAutoParts Compressor w/ Clutch
Fit Type EXACT
Warranty FREE 1 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty (Call for Extended Warranties)
Weight 15 Pounds
Box Dimensions Height: 8.60"
Length: 11.00"
Width: 7.60"
OEM Cross Reference
19192853 447220-3772 447220-5290 4472203772 447220377284
4472205290 447220529084 447260-6322 447260-8841 4472606322
447260632284 4472608841 447260884184 88310-0C061 88310-35881
88310-48130 88310-6A161 88310-6A172 88310-6A220 883100C061
883100C06184 8831035881 883103588184 8831048130 883104813084
Click here for a full list +
883106A160 883106A16084 883106A161 883106A16184 883106A172
883106A17284 883106A220 883106A22084 88320-0C070 88320-35690
88320-6A100 88320-6A110 88320-6A111 88320-OC101 883200C070
883200C07084 883200C100 883200C10084 883200C101 883200C10184
883200C110 883200C11084 883200C120 883200C12084 8832035690
883203569084 8832035691 883203569184 883206A100 883206A10084
883206A101 883206A10184 883206A110 883206A11084 883206A111
883206A11184 88320OC101 88320OC10184 9644727-887 9644727887
964472788784 60-00833NA 10000672
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UPC 852676637635

Lexus GX470 A/C Compressor Product Q&A

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Vehicle Fitment
2003 Lexus GX470 All Models
2004 Lexus GX470 All Models
2005 Lexus GX470 Without Rear Air Conditioning
2006 Lexus GX470 Without Rear Air Conditioning
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Guaranteed Exact Fit for OEM #: 19192853, 447220-3772, 447220-5290, 4472203772, 447220377284, 4472205290, 447220529084, 447260-6322, 447260-8841, 4472606322, 447260632284, 4472608841, 447260884184, 88310-0C061, 88310-35881, 88310-48130, 88310-6A161, 88310-6A172, 88310-6A220, 883100C061, 883100C06184, 8831035881, 883103588184, 8831048130, 883104813084, 883106A160, 883106A16084, 883106A161, 883106A16184, 883106A172, 883106A17284, 883106A220, 883106A22084, 88320-0C070, 88320-35690, 88320-6A100, 88320-6A110, 88320-6A111, 88320-OC101, 883200C070, 883200C07084, 883200C100, 883200C10084, 883200C101, 883200C10184, 883200C110, 883200C11084, 883200C120, 883200C12084, 8832035690, 883203569084, 8832035691, 883203569184, 883206A100, 883206A10084, 883206A101, 883206A10184, 883206A110, 883206A11084, 883206A111, 883206A11184, 88320OC101, 88320OC10184, 9644727-887, 9644727887, 964472788784, 60-00833NA, 10000672